Winter Warmers at Wemoto

Winter hand warmers at Wemoto

Winter is fast approaching, and with it you can expect cold, wet, and quite frankly awful weather that can make motorcycling a challenge. Many will now be thinking about putting their beloved bikes away through the festive season, safe and sound in the garage to sleep until Spring. For those who choose to ride throughout the season, preparations may need to be made that make your experience more pleasant. Luckily, there are many ways you can do this. Wemoto stock a wide range of products that are designed with winter riding in mind, so that you can make your journeys safer and more comfortable.

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Expanding range of quality scooter parts at Wemoto

Range of scooter parts

Replacing scooters parts swiftly, with a product that is both reliable and affordable can be a challenge. Wemoto hold a wide range of scooter essentials in-stock ready for a quick delivery to ensure that you receive your parts promptly.

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First Stop for Motorcycle Levers

A wide range of levers are available at Wemoto.

A wide range of levers are available at Wemoto.

Wemoto stock a huge range of clutch and brake levers to fit over 6,000 Japanese and European road and off-road motorcycles, scooters, quads and mopeds. And with prices starting from just £3.00, huge savings can be made in purchasing this replacement part when compared with original equipment prices. Continue reading

Get a Grip! WRP Universal Handlebar Grips

WRP Handlebar Grips

Wemoto is now stocking not too hard, not too soft (and not too pricey either! ) motocross grips by racing specialist WRP.

Stocked in black or grey for 7/8th (22mm) bars, the new grips sport a “half waffle” design, giving superior grip to mildly textured grips. The rubber compound is not only more durable than many cheaper rubbers; it’s also a great shock absorber, to help reduce fatigue and cramping.

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Isle of Man Tank Pads

Motografix Isle of Man Tank Pads - All ColoursWemoto and Motografix have teamed up to release a new design of tank pad celebrating the Isle of Man races.

A tribute to the IOMTT and Manx Grand Prix the new design, thoughtfully created by a member of the Wemoto team, is available in redblack and blue at the retail price of £19.99.

Why Motografix?

Motografix tank pads are made in the UK and have been exceedingly popular since Wemoto began stocking them in 2011, due to their superb quality compared to other tank protectors.

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