Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries

Yuasa batteries from WemotoWemoto is now stocking the full range of Yuasa premium high quality batteries.

Nine out of ten motorcycles leave the factory fitted with a Yuasa battery – Yuasa supplies more batteries as original equipment than all other battery manufacturers combined. Yuasa’s aftermarket products, made in Japan, fully match the original batteries for power, performance and reliability.

Types of motorcycle battery

Yuasa Yumicron from WemotoConventional (dry) lead acid – Yumicron

Motorcycle batteries can be fragile, damaged by vibration, discharge and sulphation.

Yuasa Yumicron batteries are designed to be more robust than other brands of battery – they feature a heavy duty glass mat sheet which absorbs vibration damage. Yumicron batteries are designed with thinner separators, allowing for more lead plates and therefore higher surface area for increased power. Patented ‘Sulphate Stop’ additives reduce the solubility of lead into acid, reducing the rate of sulphation which can otherwise prevent batteries from holding charge and eventually destroy the battery.  The end result is a robust battery with 30% more cranking power compared to other conentional batteries.

Acid is supplied separately and will need topping up periodically.

Yuasa Maintenance Free from WemotoMaintenance Free (MF) Motorcycle Batteries

Maintenance free batteries utilize a different electrolyte to conventional batteries, and do not require topping up. This acid is supplied with the battery in a compartmented package for ease of installation, and does not need to be purchased separately.

Yuasa’s MF batteries use a radial grid design which maximises conductivity for higher starting wattage and vibration resistance. Puncture resistant glass mat separators offer further protection against vibrations.

Yuasa VRLA from WemotoVRLA Motorcycle Batteries

VRLA batteries are sealed – they do not require the user to fill or top up the battery, and are designed to be leak free, making them ideal for applications where the battery may not be held upright.

Yuasa’s VRLA holds charge for longer than conventional batteries, allowing for more time between recharging. (However, for long periods without use Wemoto highly recommends keeping any battery on an intelligent battery charger.)

Battery Installation and Maintenance

To read more about batteries see Wemoto’s installation and care guides

Battery Installation Guide

Battery Care Guide

All batteries naturally discharge slowly, on top of the usual drains and an alarm or immobiliser. Lead acid batteries are designed to give maximum power for minimum weight, rather than for deep cycling. When the bike it in use it will keep the battery above 85% charge, but when the battery is left for long periods of time the high surface area of the lead plates makes them vulnerable to sulphation.

Read more about battery discharge, and why it is important to keep a battery on an intelligent charger when not in use, on our battery charger guide.

Yuasa batteries available now from Wemoto for many Japanese, European, American and Chinese bikes, scooters and ATVs.

Information correct at the time of publishing

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