New cush drive rubbers for XJR 1300 and FZ1 models


New to Wemoto is this new cush drive rubber set from Schuring Rubber.

Made to original equipment specifications and available for the following models:

Yamaha FZ1 N 11

Yamaha FZ1 N 12

Yamaha FZ1 S Fazer 11

Yamaha FZ1 S Fazer 12

Yamaha FZ1 S Fazer 13

Yamaha FZ1 S Fazer 14-15

Yamaha FZS 1000 Fazer 01-03

Yamaha FZS 1000 Fazer 04-05

Yamaha XJR 1300 10

Yamaha XJR 1300 11

Yamaha XJR 1300 12

Yamaha XJR 1300 13

Yamaha XJR 1300 14

Yamaha XJR 1300 15

Yamaha XJR 1300 16

Yamaha XJR 1300 S/T/V 04-06

Yamaha XJR 1300 W 07

Yamaha XJR 1300 X/Y 08-09

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GT 250 Cush Drive Rubbers set new to Wemoto

Information is correct at the time of publishing (08/03/18)

GT 250 Cush Drive Rubbers set new to Wemoto

suzuki gt cush drive rubber set

Wemoto is now stocking a cush drive rubber set for Suzuki’s iconic T, GT and GS series machines.

This set of six cush drive rubbers by Schuring Rubber is made to original equipment specification and is a high-quality replacement for the original kit.

The kit fits the following models:

Suzuki GT 250 A 76

Suzuki GT 250 B 77

Suzuki GT 250 C 78

Suzuki GT 250 K 73

Suzuki GT 250 L 74

Suzuki T 20 Super Six 66-68

Suzuki T 250 II/R/J 70-72

Suzuki T 350 1/2/R/J 69-73

Suzuki GT 380 A 76

Suzuki GT 380 J 72

Suzuki GT 380 K/L 73-74

Suzuki GT 380 M/A/B 75-77

Suzuki GS 400 B/C/EC/EN 77-79

Suzuki GS 425 EN 78-80

Suzuki GS 450 ES/ET 80-82

Suzuki GT 500 A/B 75-78

Suzuki T 500 1/2/3 68-70

Suzuki T 500 R/J/K/L/M 71-75

Suzuki GS 550 C/EC 77-78

Suzuki GS 550 DB/DC 77-78

Suzuki GS 550 ET 80

Suzuki GS 550 EX 81

Suzuki GS 550 LT (US Model) 79

Suzuki GS 550 N/EN 78-79

Suzuki GT 550 A/B 76-77

Suzuki GT 550 K 73

Suzuki GT 550 L/M 74-75

 Information correct at the time of publishing

Swift SX-Ring Chain

Swift SX-Ring ChainA new addition to the Swift family – Swift SX-Ring chain offers premium quality at outstanding value.


  • Low friction X-Ring
  • Extremely high tensile strength
  • Heat treated and shot-peened
  • Gold or Silver plating
  • Increased lubrication within the links
  • Longer wear life

Read on to find out more about this fabulous chain:

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Swift Chain

Swift ChainExceedingly popular, competitively priced, quality drive chain – it can only be Swift.

Manufactured in Taiwan, using specially heat treated steel and cutting-edge design allows Swift Chain to offer a very similar if not greater tensile strength to the leading brand chain – and for a far more realistic price, which makes this quality of chain accessible to a much wider market.

Swift Chain is available in a variety of weights and cut lengths, and a choice of sealed X-ring, O-ring or unsealed chain is available.

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Sunstar Aluminium Sprockets

Sunstar Aluminium SprocketSunstar Aluminium sprockets are now available for the UK market from Wemoto.

Sunstar’s sprocket manufacturing knowledge and experience is already proven; they are the first choice of Japanese original equipment manufacturers when it comes to steel sprockets, making more steel sprockets for Japanese models than any other sprocket manufacturer. Now the same engineering know-how that went into some of the strongest steel sprockets available, goes into sturdy, yet lightweight, aluminium sprockets for a range of off-road models.

The new Sunstar aluminium are designed to provide maximum strength and minimum weight, and in tests has shown an increased lifespan of up to 15% compared to other makes.

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