Sunstar Aluminium Sprockets

Sunstar Aluminium SprocketSunstar Aluminium sprockets are now available for the UK market from Wemoto.

Sunstar’s sprocket manufacturing knowledge and experience is already proven; they are the first choice of Japanese original equipment manufacturers when it comes to steel sprockets, making more steel sprockets for Japanese models than any other sprocket manufacturer. Now the same engineering know-how that went into some of the strongest steel sprockets available, goes into sturdy, yet lightweight, aluminium sprockets for a range of off-road models.

The new Sunstar aluminium are designed to provide maximum strength and minimum weight, and in tests has shown an increased lifespan of up to 15% compared to other makes.

Sunstar Aluminium Sprocket Teeth

Sunstar aluminium sprocket teeth

Strong, Light, Longer-life sprockets.

Sunstar aluminium sprockets feature a pattern computer designed to achieve the ultimate balance of weight saving while maintaining maximum strength. The design is cut from aerospace grade 7075 T6 aluminium and uses a unique tooth valley profile which provides 24% more chain contact area than a standard sprocket. This allows optimum power transfer.

Aluminium is notorious for being fast-wearing. By applying an advanced anodized coating Sunstar can increase the durability of their aluminium sprocket. Tests have found that this coating can increase lifespan by up to 15% compared to other brands.

It also adds a unique finish to the sprocket too.


Prices start at £39.95 (last updated: 16th January 2012)

Sunstar Aluminium Sprockets at Wemoto

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Information correct at the time of publishing

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