Slinky Glide Mechanical Speedo Cable Repair Kit

Slinky Glide Mechanical Speedo Repair Kit

New from Slinky Glide is this handy repair kit suitable for most mechanical speedometers.

Retailing at just £5.60, the kit is an ideal solution for those who cannot find a replacement speedometer cable for their machine and offers a cheaper alternative to those who can but who would rather repair than replace.

It contains a 1.5m by 3.2mm cable, three nipple adapters, a tool and instructions. All packed in a neat portable container, which, after use, will make a great tub for storing other small items.

The new Mechanical Speedo Repair Kit is part of the existing range of control, speedo, and tacho cables and kits from Slinky Glide, now fitting over 8,000 models. High stock quantities are held at Wemoto’s Sussex warehouse to ensure a fast delivery to the UK and beyond.

Prices correct at time of publishing.

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Slinky Glide Emergency Cable Repair Kit

Emergency Cable Repair Kit

Ever been caught out by a snapped cable while on the road before? Were you prepared for it? You will be now with this handy new repair kit from Slinky Glide.

Retailing at just £5.60, this kit is suitable for repair of most clutch and throttle cables.


  • 1 x 160cm stainless steel bowden inner cable with soldered nipples, 1.2mm diameter
  • 1 x 160cm stainless steel bowden inner cable with soldered nipples, 2.00mm diameter
  • 7 different nipple adapters
  • A travel-size container

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About Slinky Glide

Slinky Glide cables and cable kits are manufactured in Europe and imported into the UK by the World’s End Motorcycle Group (Wemoto & WMD).

The Slinky Glide range currently fits over 8,000 models of motorcycles, and it’s constantly growing. To find out more visit

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 Information correct at the time of publishing

Even more Slinky Glide cable fitments

Slinky Glide Stainless Steel Cables

With the arrival of five new cables, Wemoto now lists Slinky Glide cables for over 8,000 models.

From 1970s classic to modern day machines, Slinky Glide has the cable for you. Made to OE standards, they offer precise fit and reliability for a realistic price.

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Slinky Glide cables for Ducati models

Slinky Glide Cables now fit Ducati modelsSlinky Glide has been producing high quality brake, choke, clutch, speedo and throttle cables since 2011. Known for their precise fit and reliability, Slinky Glide cables provide superb quality at a realistic price for a huge number of motorcycles. Models covered include Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Triumph – where they are now the first replacement cable in the UK. Now Ducati owners can also benefit from a longer-lasting cable, with the new range of Slinky Glide speedo cables.

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Motorcycle Cable Upgrade from Slinky Glide

Slinky Glide - The free running cableReplacing  cables with original equipment cables can be painfully expensive, but since their launch at Wemoto, Slinky Glide have fast become the leading brand of replacement cables, known for their superb quality teamed with a much more realistic price tag. The rapidly expanding Slinky Glide range is now available with a stainless steel inner cable for a growing number of fitments, making them even more reliable and long lasting.

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Expanding range of quality scooter parts at Wemoto

Range of scooter parts

Replacing scooters parts swiftly, with a product that is both reliable and affordable can be a challenge. Wemoto hold a wide range of scooter essentials in-stock ready for a quick delivery to ensure that you receive your parts promptly.

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Slinky Glide cable range expands at Wemoto

Slinky Glide Range

Wemoto continue to be the sole distributors of the increasingly popular Slinky Glide cables, with their recently expanded range of throttle, choke and clutch cables available to fit even more models of road and off-road motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and ATVs.

Slinky Glide cables have a reputation for their precise fit, OE quality and attractive price tag. Replacing original equipment cables can be expensive, and finding an aftermarket replacement part that you can rely on can also be challenging. Since their launch in 2011, Slinky Glide have become trusted within the motorcycle industry for delivering excellence in quality at a fraction of the OE price tag. They are so popular in fact that they are now the first pattern replacement cables available for Triumph models in the UK.

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Slinky Glide develop EXUP and SET cables

Slinky Glide SET cable for Suzuki GSX-R 1000 2010The first four-stroke power valve device appeared on the Yamaha FZR EXUP (Exhaust Ultimate Power valve), constantly adjusting the internal diameter of the exhaust system to match the engine speed.

EXUP (and later, Suzuki SET) valves are controlled with exhaust valve push and pull cables, which until now were only available from the original equipment manufacturer… at a premium price.

Aware of the popular demand for reasonably priced replacement EXUP (or SET) cables for the aftermarket, Slinky Glide can now supply good quality, affordable replacements.

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Slinky Glide Cables expand for Hyosungs

Hyosung GT650R Clutch Cable by Slinky GlideSlinky Glide has quickly become a leading name in the replacement control cable market, and the range has continued to expand with a new range of clutch cables for Hyosung models.

The Slinky Glide featuring a unique rust and freeze resistant compound to protect the inner cable from wear, water and other contaminants, as well as utilizing a polyimide coating around the inner cable to minimise friction. The result is a long-lasting, reliable and cost-effective alternative to the often pricey original equipment cable and superior performance and life to many similarly priced unbranded cables.

Available now from

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