Slinky Glide cable range expands at Wemoto

Slinky Glide Range

Wemoto continue to be the sole distributors of the increasingly popular Slinky Glide cables, with their recently expanded range of throttle, choke and clutch cables available to fit even more models of road and off-road motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and ATVs.

Slinky Glide cables have a reputation for their precise fit, OE quality and attractive price tag. Replacing original equipment cables can be expensive, and finding an aftermarket replacement part that you can rely on can also be challenging. Since their launch in 2011, Slinky Glide have become trusted within the motorcycle industry for delivering excellence in quality at a fraction of the OE price tag. They are so popular in fact that they are now the first pattern replacement cables available for Triumph models in the UK.

Quality Assured

Slinky Glide CablesSlinky Glide cables are manufactured in Europe to OE standards using advanced production processes that ensure a longer life. The inner lining of the cables are coated in polyimide to reduce friction and wear. They are then lubricated with a special formula compound that protects them from the elements that can cause premature cable breakage. Designed to resist freezing in ultra-low temperatures, and from attracting dust and debris, Slinky Glide provide ultra-reliable replacement cables that lasts.

The ever expanding range of Slinky Glide cables are available to buy at Wemoto.

Information correct at the time of publishing

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