KS Reusable Oil Filters

Reusable Oil Filters for Motorcycles

KS Oil FiltersKS Oil filters are recommended by top performance exhaust manufacturer and race sponsor Devil. These fantastic reusable filters offer superior filtration and flow rate compared to paper oil filters, and when maintained can last the lifetime of the bike instead of being thrown on a tip every oil change.

What makes a KS Oil Filter?

Reusable KS Oil Filter Stainless Steel Mesh

Reusable KS Oil Filter Stainless Steel Mesh

Stainless Steel mesh

Precision made stainless steel allows a maximum – not an average – size particle of 35 microns through. While paper filters may claim to beat this number with their average filtration, the natural variance in paper means that larger particles can, in fact, get through and into your engine.

On a cold start, a paper filter will have difficulty with the cold, viscous oil. Cold oil doesn’t filter well through the low-flow properties of paper, so as a measure to prevent the engine being starved of oil, the bypass valves open. This means that oil, and any impurities in it, goes straight into the engine without being filtered at all.

KS steel mesh has a flow rate of seven times most paper filters. That means even on a cold start it’s very rare to utilize this bypass because even cold oil can be filtered without difficulty and you won’t be risking under-lubricating a cold engine.

KS Reusable Oil Filter in Black

KS Reusable Oil filter. The magnetic Pre-Filter can be seen.

Magnetic Pre-filter

The small magnet is easily seen on a KS filter and assists in filtering by catching large and small metallic particles before they even reach the mesh. That means no large metallic parts to damage the mesh, and even minute metallic particles that might ordinarily get through a filter will be caught by the pre-filter instead of getting into the engine.

Aluminium case

Close up of fins on the KS Reusable Oil Filter

Devilishly stylish red aluminium casing. The fins cool the oil while it is filtered.

The billet aluminium case looks fantastic, available in either stealth black or flash metallic red. But the real purpose of this case is to air cool the oil with its finned design as it is filtered.

KS filters are easy to dismantle – simply twist the inner component and pull out – in order to clean for reuse. Essentially for owners or mechanics concerned with the inner workings of the motorcycle engine, this allows for the chance to inspect the filter for any signs or debris, wear or other signs of contamination or potential trouble.

A wide range of models can be fitted with a KS Oil filter including Aprilia, Arctic Cat, BMW, Buell, Cagiva, Ducati, Gilera, Harley Davidson, Honda, Moto-Guzzi, Kawasaki, Sachs, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha.

All KS Oil filters have a recommended retail price of £97.02 and with the proper maintenance will last the life of your bike.

Visit http://www.wemoto.com and look for filters listed on your bike.

KS Oil Filter Components

KS Oil Filter Components

Do you have a KS Oil filter, or have a question about them? Leave us a comment below!

Information correct at the time of publishing

11 thoughts on “KS Reusable Oil Filters

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  2. Hi there. I am inquiring if you have these oil filters for Kawasaki Z750 2010 models. What is the cost and shipment fees for overseas orders.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Gary,

      We do indeed have a KS filter for the Z750 2010, and you can choose black or red:


      We have the black filter in stock.
      The red filter is currently not in stock and will take about a week to get to us (provided our supplier in France has stock) before we can post it.

      The cost is £97.02 (Great British Pounds) – this includes VAT of 20% which if you are not in the EU will be removed when you choose your country.
      The cost of shipping does vary by country – once you have added any parts to your basket, click “amend or confirm order” and on that page you can change the destination country. The shipping will then automatically update for you.

  3. Hi

    I looked into buying one these a while back for a late 1970’s Ducati. I appreciate that this isn’t listed by KS but the filters I use are identical to those specified for a number of 1990’s Kawasakis off road bikes – KLR250/600, KLX 650 etc.( Kawasaki OEM part no16099-004.) for which KS did carry a version. I believe that it was a less expensive as there was no outer case required, only the inner workings. Do you have or can you get such an item?

    • Hi Rob,
      I’m sorry for the delay.

      The range of oil filters we stock is currently the entire range we can obtain from our supplier, all of which come with the aluminium black or red casing. Unfortunately we are unable to obtain the model without the outer case that you require.

  4. Hi, i got a question. i bought KS filter HOFLR005 racing version fo my 08 CBR1000. But still no put on the bike yet. What can i expect if i replace the stock filter with this KS filter? FYI, my bike is standard bike with Two brothers exhaust. Isvgood to replace or maintain the standard filter. Is there any side effect using this filter compare to stock filter. Thanks.

    • Hi Eddy,
      Apologies for the delay.
      An engine will be both more protected and more efficient with the KS filter’s superior filtration and air flow compared to the original stock filter and a performance air filter is often recommended to get the most from a performance exhaust. For the race version which greatly increases air flow (by having 2 layers of cotton instead of the 4 that might be found on a standard KS reusable filter) fuel management modification will be required to balance your fuel/air mix for optimum performance.

      We now have a post with more information on KS filters and how they compare with stock: click here

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, this is quite an old post and we don’t stock many KS oil filters anymore.

      If you use our ‘search for model’ box on the right-hand side of our website homepage: http://www.wemoto.com, and select your model year, you can see all the oil filters we have available for your bike.

      Kind regards,



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