Motorcycle cargo nets

cargo net motorcycle black

New to Wemoto are these handy cargo nets for storing extra baggage on your bike. Available in ten different colours, they do a good job of matching your machine, while their six hooks ensure that your possessions are safely secured while you ride.

motorcycle cargo nets

Just £3.52 each and available in black, dark blue, green, hi-vis, light blue, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow.

Prices are correct at the time of publishing.



GT 250 Cush Drive Rubbers set new to Wemoto

suzuki gt cush drive rubber set

Wemoto is now stocking a cush drive rubber set for Suzuki’s iconic T, GT and GS series machines.

This set of six cush drive rubbers by Schuring Rubber is made to original equipment specification and is a high-quality replacement for the original kit.

The kit fits the following models:

Suzuki GT 250 A 76

Suzuki GT 250 B 77

Suzuki GT 250 C 78

Suzuki GT 250 K 73

Suzuki GT 250 L 74

Suzuki T 20 Super Six 66-68

Suzuki T 250 II/R/J 70-72

Suzuki T 350 1/2/R/J 69-73

Suzuki GT 380 A 76

Suzuki GT 380 J 72

Suzuki GT 380 K/L 73-74

Suzuki GT 380 M/A/B 75-77

Suzuki GS 400 B/C/EC/EN 77-79

Suzuki GS 425 EN 78-80

Suzuki GS 450 ES/ET 80-82

Suzuki GT 500 A/B 75-78

Suzuki T 500 1/2/3 68-70

Suzuki T 500 R/J/K/L/M 71-75

Suzuki GS 550 C/EC 77-78

Suzuki GS 550 DB/DC 77-78

Suzuki GS 550 ET 80

Suzuki GS 550 EX 81

Suzuki GS 550 LT (US Model) 79

Suzuki GS 550 N/EN 78-79

Suzuki GT 550 A/B 76-77

Suzuki GT 550 K 73

Suzuki GT 550 L/M 74-75


Prevent theft with Sealey Motorcycle Security Kits

With motorcycle theft continuing to be a problem across the UK, particularly in urban centres such as London, Wemoto has teamed with Sealey Tools to offer two new motorcycle security kits.

Each kit is available at a reduction of the price of the individual parts, saving you money as well as your bike.

Sealey Motorcycle Security Kit – £58.67 (would cost £70.64 if sold separately)


  • Motorcycle Chain Lock 10mm x 1.2mtr with 2 keys

  • Ground Anchor with 4 Security Bolts

  • Disc Lock with 2 keys

  • Reminder Coil for Disc Lock

Sealey Motorcycle Security Kit – £62.12 (would cost £71.88 if sold separately)


  • Motorcycle Chain And Disc Lock 12 x 12 x 900mm with 2 keys

  • Ground Anchor with 4 Security Bolts with 2 keys

Prices correct at the time of publishing (06/07/17)

Today We Do The Ton

It’s been 60 years since Bob McIntyre became the first man to lap the Isle of Man Mountain Course at over 100mph. A great way to celebrate this, we thought, would be to make it the focus of this year’s Festival of Jurby T-shirts. All profits from the sale of which go to the Manx Grand Prix Supporters’ Club, to help fund injured riders and the  MGP’s helicopter ambulances on the Isle of Man.

We’re in our third year now of raising money for the club, having raised £26,000 so far. This year, we’re hoping to do even better, and you can help us by purchasing one of these £10 t-shirts. Find our more on our Festival of Jurby 2017 fundraising page.

WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Range

WD-40 motorcycle rangeWD-40 is just the one maintenance spray, isn’t it? Not anymore. The company has developed a new range especially for bikers.

Through teaming up with the British Superbike Series and Sheffield University, WD-40 has managed to create products which have been highly tested to ensure they meet the demands of racing. Having said that, it’s products are desirable for any rider. The range designed to provide all-year-round maintenance care to improve your machine’s performance and extend its life.

Its products include chain cleaner (in a 400ml bottle), and chain lube (100ml or 400ml – for dry conditions) and wax (100ml or 400ml – for wet conditions) with anti-fling properties, for cleaning and lubricating standard, O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring chains. Brake cleaner (500ml – finally a WD40 product  we can use on our brakes!), Silicone Shine (400ml) and Wax & Polish (400ml), which provide a nice finish while protecting your bike from ageing, and the all-purpose cleaner Total Wash (1ltr or 5ltrs) safe to use on plastics, rubber, aluminium, chrome, carbon fibre, seals and disc pads.

All are now available at Wemoto.

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment

The mechanic’s secret weapon


We all know the problems that ethanol can cause for your bike. Anyone who’s suffered from it not running right after sitting for a while will know the importance of treating your fuel with an additive. But which one to get?

There are so many on the market, it can be hard to choose. Star Tron was traditionally used to treat tanks in the marine industry, where ethanol is obviously more likely to attract moisture. So if it’s good enough for them, surely it must be good enough for bikes? Mechanics certainly think so – many swearing by it.

Star Tron’s strong formula not only prevents gum, carbon and varnish build-up, it removes it. And it’s all natural, so impossible to overdose.

Treated with this miracle product, your fuel delivery system will stay clean and your petrol fresh. Your engine will start up easily and run smoothly, which makes it ideal for treating old fuel or for using before storing your bike away for a while. It also makes fuel burn more completely, increasing your engine’s performance while providing fantastic fuel economy and reducing smoke and all emissions.

But enough of us waffling on about it. Why not try it yourself and see?

You can buy Star Tron in three sizes from Wemoto: a super-concentrated formula (30ml) which treats 90 litres, a standard formula (250ml) which treats 180 litres, or an even larger (1000ml) version of the standard formula which treats 720 litres.

Slinky Glide Fork Kits

Slinky Glide Fork Kit range

New from Slinky Glide, these fork kits provide you with all the bits you need for your model, depending on the work you want to carry out.

Fork Seal Kit

Containing two dust seals and two oil seals

Fork Bush Kit

Containing two fork slides and two fork guides (inner and outer bushes)

Fork Repair Kit

Containing two dust seals, two oil seals, two fork slides, two fork guides, and two retaining clips.

All parts are made to original equipment specifications, and the bushes are coated with the correct amount of thickness of teflon for a straightforward fit.

You’ll find these kits listed to each bike at

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