Universal Throttle and Clutch Cable Kits

Universal Throttle Cable Kit from Slinky Glide


New to Wemoto are universal clutch and throttle cable kits from Slinky Glide. Cables can snap at any time and finding a correct replacement can be time consuming work. Designed to be cut to length and custom made, Slinky Glide’s cable kits are an easy, quick and economic solution to replacing a broken cable.

Slinky Glide Motorcycle Cable Kits

Small and lightweight, the universal cable kits from Slinky Glide are an ideal solution to a travelling emergency. They are designed for easy use and can be built with only a few tools and a little solder. They are also perfect for the workshop, for custom motorcycles or motorcycle restorations where it is often difficult to find a correct length replacement.

Both kits come with enough cable to allow for plenty of leeway when building. The throttle cable kit includes a selection of fittings so that it can be re-used a second and sometimes third time.

The Universal Clutch Cable Kit from Slinky Glide retails at £11.95 and includes:

Universal Clutch Cable Kit

Universal Clutch Cable Kit

  • Outer cable of about 135cm
  • Inner cable of about 163cm
  • M8 adjuster
  • Rubber Boot
  • 2 outer cable ferrules
  • 2 nipple barrel sleeves
  • 6x10mm nipple barrel
  • 8x9mm nipple barrel
  • Nipple trumpet

The Universal Throttle Cable Kit from Slinky Glide retails at £13.96 and includes:

  • Outer cable of about 565cm
  • Inner cable of about 535cm
  • Adjuster
  • 11 small rubber boots
  • 2 large rubber boots
  • 30 outer cable ferrules
  • 4 6x5mm nipple barrels
  • 20 nipple carburettors

About Slinky Glide

All Slinky Glide cables are constructed to extremely high standards. Rust and freeze resistant compounds are used to coat the cables and polyamide is used to coat the inside of the outer cables to further prevent friction and wear. Slinky Glide cable kits have a stainless steel inner cable which helps to reduce the stretching of the cable and increase its durability. To find out more about Slinky Glide visit their website.


Available now at Wemoto.

Information correct at the time of publishing

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