Stainless Steel Exhaust Stud Kits for Hondas

stainless steel exhaust studsNew in at Wemoto and an upgrade to OEM steel exhaust studs.

These stainless steel exhaust studs are corrosion and rust resistant, and cheaper than the OEM steel counterpart!

4x Stainless Steel Exhaust Stud M8x1.25 reduces to M7x1.00 with 4x M7x1.00mm Mild Steel Nuts £9.96

8x Stainless Steel Exhaust Stud M8x1.25 reduces to M7x1.00 with 8x M7x1.00mm Mild Steel Nuts £19.96

Wemoto recommends using copper grease when installing stainless steel exhaust studs.

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Black Exhaust Clamps for Motorcycles

Black Exhaust Clamp from WemotoA rare colour to find, we know, and that’s why we thought you might like to know about them. Wemoto is now stocking a line of Super Heavy Duty W2 Satin Black Exhaust Clamps, which fit a huge number of models.

For those with black exhaust systems, these will complement them perfectly. For people with chrome or stainless exhaust systems, they provide a quality contrast.

But what exactly is W2 technology? Read on to find out…

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Expanding range of quality scooter parts at Wemoto

Range of scooter parts

Replacing scooters parts swiftly, with a product that is both reliable and affordable can be a challenge. Wemoto hold a wide range of scooter essentials in-stock ready for a quick delivery to ensure that you receive your parts promptly.

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More Marvellous Marving Mufflers

Marving Cylindrical SteelParts specialist Wemoto has just updated its already extensive range of attractively priced, high quality Marving exhausts and silencers.

Wemoto has supplied Marving exhausts and silencers for many years – a reflection of the unwavering quality and proven customer satisfaction which consistently provides positive feedback.

Not just covering recent models, the Marving range extends back to the modern classic era and many 80s and 90s models.

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CX 500 collector box upgrade

CX500 Stainless Steel Collector BoxWemoto’s new collector box, made by Italian exhaust manufacturer Marving, solves the problems the original CX 500 collector box had with rot.

For all the innovative features of the CX 500 when it was first manufactured in the late 70s, the bike was also notorious for the mild steel collector box being terribly susceptible to rot… as were many pattern replicas made of the same materials.

Wemoto’s ongoing mission to keep older bikes on the road led us to Marving – who are now producing a stainless steel collector box replacement.

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Marving ‘Superline’ Performance Silencers

Marving Superline Carbon Fibre Pair on Kawasaki Z1000With many performance exhaust manufacturers invariably only catering for the latest models, you might think if you’re looking for a boost on your classic sportsbike you’d be out of luck.

Wemoto has just finished adding Marving’s entire ‘Superline’ range to our listing of classic Japanese sportsbikes from 1987, up to 2009, to fill this gap in the market.

Manufactured in Italy, the Marving ‘Superline’ range is available in a variety of styles and for many models are homologated for road use, with removable baffle for track.

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Exan Exhausts to Wemoto

Exan LogoWemoto is proud to announce that from 2012 we are now suppliers of Exan exhausts and silencers.

When it comes to both style and performance, Exan is the leader for choice. Not only do the Exan silencers offer weight savings and performance increases – they also come in a huge variety of styles with up to twenty combinations of combinations of shape, material and end cap for any one model.

In addition, most silencers and systems are available as both catless racing versions and approved road-use versions with removable baffle.

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Marving EDR Silencer for Honda XL 600

Exhausts for older motorcycles can be difficult to find. Often the original equipment is discontinued, and many aftermarket exhaust and silencer manufactures discontinue their Marving EDR Silencer for Honda XL 600products after only a few years in order to adopt the newest models.

Marving is one of the exhaust manufacturers helping to keep the classic and restoration market alive with their wide range of quality silencers for many classic Japanese and Italian motorcycle models. Wemoto is now stockists of the ‘EDR’ classic offroad range which now includes the black chrome slip-on silencer for the Honda XL 600 L/R. Marving’s EDR range is designed with the classic look, sound and feel of the original silencer in mind, is E-marked and does not modify XL 600’s performance.

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Devil launches the GSR 750 Rocket for 2011

Devil Rocket for the Suzuki GSR 750 2011

Devil Rocket for the Suzuki GSR 750 2011

Earlier this year Wemoto became exclusive distributor for Devil exhausts and silencers. Devil have been busy at work in this time to launch the lightweight ‘rocket’ silencer for the Suzuki GSR 750.

This reinforced carbon fibre construction can with high-density fibre end cap is both rugged and stylish. The ‘Rocket’ silencer offers a larger body and internal volume than other cans in the Devil range to both accommodate the requirements of the large capacity sports bike engine, and to provide the distinctive ‘Deeptone’ note Devil is so well-known for.

Devil Rocket is not just a pretty face – Devil’s experienced engineers have expertly removed all excess weight, saving almost 2kg compared to the original equipment. Moreover, it provides a maximum power increase of 3.6 bhp.

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