Exan Exhausts to Wemoto

Exan LogoWemoto is proud to announce that from 2012 we are now suppliers of Exan exhausts and silencers.

When it comes to both style and performance, Exan is the leader for choice. Not only do the Exan silencers offer weight savings and performance increases – they also come in a huge variety of styles with up to twenty combinations of combinations of shape, material and end cap for any one model.

In addition, most silencers and systems are available as both catless racing versions and approved road-use versions with removable baffle.

Motorcycle Exhausts: Ensuring Quality and Performance

Exan exhausts and silencers are designed with air flow in mind to give the greatest performance increases, and with a construction that offers significant weight savings.

The skilled and passionate staff at Exan’s factory in Milan combine traditional handcraft with advanced, specialist technology and machinery, using only the highest quality materials. Every step of manufacture is done inside Exan’s own Italian factory so they can ensure excellent standards of quality control at every stage.

A state-of-the-art test bed, equipped with Lambda probe and brake, allows Exan to assess the performance of their silencers.

Race use cans give the greatest performance increase and weight savings but are not supplied with catalytic converter or baffle. Therefore they are not suitable for road use.

Approved models are fitted with catalytic converters and removable baffle to conform to noise and emissions regulations. Removing the baffle will allow the bike to breathe more easily for use on the track (but will not increase performance as much as the catless Race version)

Styles of Exan Silencers

Where some manufacturers limit the options to just one or two designs per model, Exan can list many. Oval or conical, classic steel end cap or modern carbon fibre, for many bikes Exan allows far more choice than other manufacturers without sacrificing weight savings or performance. The newest development by Exan is the ‘X-Black’ design with trapezoid cross section and sweeping lines for a great, aggressive look.

Style Carbon Steel Titanium
 ‘X-Black’ Oval Exan Oval X-Black Carbon Fibre Silencer Exan X-Black Oval Silencer in Stainless Steel Exan X-Black Titanium Silencer Pair Triumph Street Triple
‘X-Black’ Conical  N/A X-Black Conical Stainless Steel Silencer N/A
Carbon Cap Oval Exan Carbon Cap Oval Carbon Fibre Silencer Exan Carbon Cap Oval Steel Silencer Exan Carbon Cap Oval Titanium Silencer
Carbon Cap Conical N/A Exan Carbon Cap Conical Steel Silencer N/A
Classic Oval Exan Classic Oval Carbon Fibre Silencer Exan Classic Oval Steel Silencer Exan Classic Oval Titanium Silencer
‘NX Cap’ Conical N/A Exan 'NX Cap' Stainless Steel Silencer N/A
Conical N/A Exan Conical Stainless Steel Silencer N/A

Exan systems and silencers are designed for specific models from 2003 onwards. Search your bike on Wemoto to find the Exan Exhaust or Silencer for you.

Covered Models include:

Information correct at the time of publishing

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