Marving ‘Superline’ Performance Silencers

Marving Superline Carbon Fibre Pair on Kawasaki Z1000With many performance exhaust manufacturers invariably only catering for the latest models, you might think if you’re looking for a boost on your classic sportsbike you’d be out of luck.

Wemoto has just finished adding Marving’s entire ‘Superline’ range to our listing of classic Japanese sportsbikes from 1987, up to 2009, to fill this gap in the market.

Manufactured in Italy, the Marving ‘Superline’ range is available in a variety of styles and for many models are homologated for road use, with removable baffle for track.

Marving Superline

Marving Superline in carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium

Marving’s ‘Superline’ stays true to the exceedingly high standard Marving has become so renowned for. As with all Marving silencers, ‘Superline’ is manufactured entirely in Marving’s own Italian factory from start to finish. From raw materials, to polishing and packing the finished product, every stage is subject to Marvings high quality control standards. The latest hi-tech specialist equipment combines with traditional Italian craftsmanship in designing, manufacturing and testing their slip-on silencers. With over thirty years of exhaust manufacture experience and passion, the result is an accurate, high quality, stylish silencer. In testing, the ‘Superline’ silencers offer a general increase of torque along the curve of power.

The ‘Superline’ range comes in a number of shapes and sizes – big oval, small oval, and round – and a choice of sleeve – aluminium, carbon fibre or titanium.

Homologated models are E-marked for road use, and come with a removable baffle to allow the bike to breathe freely for use on the track. Non-homologated models are suitable for track use only.

Marving Superline Carbon Fibre Pair on Kawasaki Z1000

‘Superline’ is available for the following models:

Information correct at the time of publishing

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