CX 500 collector box upgrade

CX500 Stainless Steel Collector BoxWemoto’s new collector box, made by Italian exhaust manufacturer Marving, solves the problems the original CX 500 collector box had with rot.

For all the innovative features of the CX 500 when it was first manufactured in the late 70s, the bike was also notorious for the mild steel collector box being terribly susceptible to rot… as were many pattern replicas made of the same materials.

Wemoto’s ongoing mission to keep older bikes on the road led us to Marving – who are now producing a stainless steel collector box replacement.

CX500 Stainless Steel Collector Box

This stainless steel collector box is an upgrade from the original mild steel collector, which was prone to rot. And it looks better than the bulky original unit too.

So problematic was the rot on the original Honda collector box (which is now discontinued) that many CX 500 owners sought to avoid the collector box altogether – with pricey modification or full replacement systems that never quite ran as nicely as the original two-into-two.

These measures are no longer necessary with the stainless steel replacement collector box. Made by Italian exhaust specialists Marving, the high quality fair priced replacement solves the collector box rot problem… and looks a great deal more elegant than the original unit.

For those on a budget or who want to preserve the original look of the bike Wemoto also supplies a mild steel pattern replica of the original. But for a little less than the original Honda, at £148.50 this Marving stainless steel collector box will greatly outlast any mild steel replica.

This upgrade is available for the Honda CX 500 Z, A and B (’78-’81).
The CX 500 Custom and Eurosport take different collector boxes, for which no upgrade is currently available.

For more information please leave us a reply below, or drop us an email.

Information correct at the time of publishing

4 thoughts on “CX 500 collector box upgrade

  1. Will the Marving Stainless Steel Exhaust Collector Box fit the Honda CX500 1981C-b Custom that I am currently renovating.If not can you suggest any alternatives. With thanks for any suggestions.

    • Hi Mike,

      Unfortunately, this collector box is only compatible with A/B/Z models, not the custom version. We have checked with other suppliers and cannot find anything to fit your model. We would recommend trying eBay if you haven’t already.

      Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful with this one.

      Kind regards,

    • Hi Toby,

      Unfortunately, Marving doesn’t make a collector box for your model, and we’re currently unable to source one from any of our other suppliers.

      Sorry we can’t be more helpful with this one.


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