Expanding range of quality scooter parts at Wemoto

Range of scooter parts

Replacing scooters parts swiftly, with a product that is both reliable and affordable can be a challenge. Wemoto hold a wide range of scooter essentials in-stock ready for a quick delivery to ensure that you receive your parts promptly.

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The lowdown on HiFlo motorcycle oil filters

Hi Flo Oil Filter

HiFlo has been manufacturing filters for the OEM motor industry since 1963. With continuous research and development, they’ve become the best quality and best selling brand of aftermarket oil filter for motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re the first motorcycle filter to be TÜV approved, and in the testing process not only passed, but exceeded the specifications required by original equipment manufacturers.

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Simota Washable Reusable Performance Air Filters

Wemoto has now introduced Simota’s range of reusable performance air filters to our wide range of motorcSimota Washable Reusable Air Filtersycle parts listings.

In addition to be attractively priced compared to other brands of reusable filter, Simota have shown power gains of between 2 and 7 horsepower over the original equipment.

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KS Washable Reusable Air Filters

From the sameKS Reusable Air Filter people who brought you Devil racing exhausts and KS Oil Filters, KS reusable air filters are now available for a wide variety of models as an upgraded replacement to the original filter.

KS air filters offer superior air flow and filtration compared to the original paper or foam air filter supplied as original equipment, and are washable and reusable, rather than throwing yet another disposable air filter onto the landfill at every service.

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Champion Oil Filters

Quality Oil Filters for Motorcycles, Mopeds, Off-Road, ATVs and Scooters

Champion Oil FiltersChampion’s been going for over 100 years as the world leader producing engine parts for cars, motorcycles, scooters and even planes. In the motorcycle industry they are best known for their quality spark plugs, but they are also manufacturers of top-quality oil filters which are fitted as original equipment by manufacturers Ducati, Aprilia and KTM.

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KS Reusable Oil Filters

Reusable Oil Filters for Motorcycles

KS Oil FiltersKS Oil filters are recommended by top performance exhaust manufacturer and race sponsor Devil. These fantastic reusable filters offer superior filtration and flow rate compared to paper oil filters, and when maintained can last the lifetime of the bike instead of being thrown on a tip every oil change.

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