Slinky Glide Emergency Cable Repair Kit

Emergency Cable Repair Kit

Ever been caught out by a snapped cable while on the road before? Were you prepared for it? You will be now with this handy new repair kit from Slinky Glide.

Retailing at just £5.60, this kit is suitable for repair of most clutch and throttle cables.


  • 1 x 160cm stainless steel bowden inner cable with soldered nipples, 1.2mm diameter
  • 1 x 160cm stainless steel bowden inner cable with soldered nipples, 2.00mm diameter
  • 7 different nipple adapters
  • A travel-size container

Available now from

About Slinky Glide

Slinky Glide cables and cable kits are manufactured in Europe and imported into the UK by the World’s End Motorcycle Group (Wemoto & WMD).

The Slinky Glide range currently fits over 8,000 models of motorcycles, and it’s constantly growing. To find out more visit

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 Information correct at the time of publishing

Tank Cure

The Tank Cure range available from WemotoNew to Wemoto is a line of products from Tank Cure, for reconditioning motorcycle fuel tanks.

Whether your tank is rusty, dirty or leaking, Tank Cure has the product for you. And with 18 years of experience, you can be rest-assured you’ll be using not only an effective brand but a reliable one too.

Tank Cure Tank Cleaner 500ml: £10.67

A powerful cleaning fluid which removes grease and dirt.

Tank Cure Rust Remover 500ml: £10.67

Perfect for tanks which are severely rusted.

Tank Cure Epoxy Remover 500ml: £20.08

Removes old flakey paint or sealant before new sealant is applied. This is also great for anyone who is wishing to change the shape of their fuel tank through welding and needs to remove old sealant beforehand.

Tank Cure Epoxy Sealant 450 grams: £24.54 and 600 grams: £32.06

Perfect for sealing tanks which have just been re-chromed, or to treat small pinholes or leaks inside the tank. This sealant will also help to protect the tank against further rust.

The entire Tank Cure range is designed to treat your fuel tank the professional way. Each product comes with a full set of instructions.

Available now from Wemoto.

 Information correct at the time of publishing

Jump start your Xmas shopping with Wemoto Power Bank Jump Starters

Wemoto 8800mAh power bank

Let your Christmas shopping begin! These multi-functional jump starters make perfect gifts for all. Here’s why:

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Motorcycle brake parts guide

Brake parts at Wemoto

One of the problems when purchasing motorcycle brake components is that the choice can be quite daunting. You’ll not only have to choose between a range of brands but between designs, depending on the look and performance you’re after.

You want to make the right selections – and for the right price. Luckily, Wemoto’s ‘Motorcycle brake parts guide‘ is here to help with a ‘brakedown’ or what’s about.

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Get a Grip! WRP Universal Handlebar Grips

WRP Handlebar Grips

Wemoto is now stocking not too hard, not too soft (and not too pricey either! ) motocross grips by racing specialist WRP.

Stocked in black or grey for 7/8th (22mm) bars, the new grips sport a “half waffle” design, giving superior grip to mildly textured grips. The rubber compound is not only more durable than many cheaper rubbers; it’s also a great shock absorber, to help reduce fatigue and cramping.

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WRP Motorcycle Brake Pads

The brake pad made on the track

What sets WRP apart from other brands of brake pad is their extensive development on the race track. WRP has partnered with top racing teams over the years and its braking solutions are designed, tested and developed to meet the challenges demanded at the highest levels of on road and off road racing.

Bradl, winner of 2011 Moto2

Bradl, winner of 2011 Moto2

With this on-going test program and feedback from top racers such as Thomas Luti on the Interwetten Suter in Moto2, Johan Zarco on the Jir Motobi in Moto2, Michel Fabrizio and Ayrton Badovini on the BMW Motorrad Italia WSB team and racing legends such as Troy Bayliss, Troy Corser and Noriyuki Haga, the engineers behind WRP are continuously developing new braking compounds for the best performance.

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NGK Spark Plugs

NGK Spark PlugsThe Number One Choice of Motorcycle Spark Plug

NGK are the world leaders of spark plugs, supplying the original equipment for more motorcycle models than any other brand of spark plug.

Wemoto stock spark plugs for nearly every motorcycle model – as well as the iridium upgrade for high performance machines.

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Simota Washable Reusable Performance Air Filters

Wemoto has now introduced Simota’s range of reusable performance air filters to our wide range of motorcSimota Washable Reusable Air Filtersycle parts listings.

In addition to be attractively priced compared to other brands of reusable filter, Simota have shown power gains of between 2 and 7 horsepower over the original equipment.

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Marving ‘Superline’ Performance Silencers

Marving Superline Carbon Fibre Pair on Kawasaki Z1000With many performance exhaust manufacturers invariably only catering for the latest models, you might think if you’re looking for a boost on your classic sportsbike you’d be out of luck.

Wemoto has just finished adding Marving’s entire ‘Superline’ range to our listing of classic Japanese sportsbikes from 1987, up to 2009, to fill this gap in the market.

Manufactured in Italy, the Marving ‘Superline’ range is available in a variety of styles and for many models are homologated for road use, with removable baffle for track.

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