First Stop for Motorcycle Levers

A wide range of levers are available at Wemoto.

A wide range of levers are available at Wemoto.

Wemoto stock a huge range of clutch and brake levers to fit over 6,000 Japanese and European road and off-road motorcycles, scooters, quads and mopeds. And with prices starting from just £3.00, huge savings can be made in purchasing this replacement part when compared with original equipment prices.

Foldable lever

This lever folds in on impact, preventing it from breaking.

Adjustable & Hinged Levers

As well as stocking a large quantity of standard pattern levers, levers with additional features are available to improve the product’s durability and the rider’s comfort. Levers with a span adjuster allow for the part to be set to the most comfortable fit for the rider’s hand. Hinged levers are also stocked at Wemoto, designed to fold on impact, reducing the chances of it breaking.

Tailored to your bike

Powder Coated Black Lever

Powder Coated Black Lever

Wemoto clutch and brake levers are available in a variety of aluminium, chrome or a powder coated charcoal black finish so that they suit the original applications of the motorcycle. Wemoto levers are model specific and easy to fit without any modification needed to the bike. Simply use Wemoto’s secure website to allocate the motorcycle and the choice of levers tailored to fit it will appear, making it easy to select. Non model specific levers and hanger assemblies are also available for universal purposes.

Lever Sleeves

Foam lever sleeves

These foam lever sleeves are just £1.99 per pair!

Padded motorcycle lever sleeves are a great addition to a lever, preventing vibration ‘white finger’ and adding additional grip and comfort.

Motorcycles levers can be purchased from

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