Slinky Glide Cables expand for Hyosungs

Hyosung GT650R Clutch Cable by Slinky GlideSlinky Glide has quickly become a leading name in the replacement control cable market, and the range has continued to expand with a new range of clutch cables for Hyosung models.

The Slinky Glide featuring a unique rust and freeze resistant compound to protect the inner cable from wear, water and other contaminants, as well as utilizing a polyimide coating around the inner cable to minimise friction. The result is a long-lasting, reliable and cost-effective alternative to the often pricey original equipment cable and superior performance and life to many similarly priced unbranded cables.

Available now from

Hyosung GT650R Clutch Cable by Slinky Glide

Slinky Glide Clutch Cables are now available for the following Hyosung models:

Slinky Glide cables are also available for many Japanese and European models on

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