Even more Slinky Glide cable fitments

Slinky Glide Stainless Steel Cables

With the arrival of five new cables, Wemoto now lists Slinky Glide cables for over 8,000 models.

From 1970s classic to modern day machines, Slinky Glide has the cable for you. Made to OE standards, they offer precise fit and reliability for a realistic price.

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WRP Street Motorcycle Brake Discs

WRP Motorcycle Brake Disc
Made by Italian racing product specialists WRP, these strong, lightweight and stylish brake discs are now available from Wemoto for a range of popular sport motorcycles.

WRP is a leading Italian racing product specialist: offering a range of braking and racing products, all tested on the track to bring high quality, race specification and performance products to the motorcycle enthusiast.

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Slinky Glide cables

Slinky Glide LogoEarlier this year Wemoto became the exclusive distributor for Slinky Glide cables.

Replacing cables with the original equipment has always been expensive, and the aftermarket is filled with cheaper but poorer quality cables. It’s a false economy to buy a cheaper cable if you need to replace it sooner.

Made in Europe, the already popular new range of Slinky Glide cables are designed to last. A frost and dust resistant compound protects the cable, while a polyimide (PI) coating around the inner cable helps minimize friction and wear.

Slinky Glide choke, clutch, speedo, tacho and throttle cables are available for a huge range of models and the listings are constantly expanding. Due to popular demand, Wemoto are now stocking Slinky Glide cables for popular imports such as the Honda VFR 800 NC30, for which the original equipment can be expensive and difficult to find.

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Banjo Bolt with Bleed Nipple

Banjo Bolt with Bleed Nipple

By making a banjo bolt that you can put the bleed nipple in, you can bypass trying to remove a stuck bleed nipple in your caliper

If you’ve got an older motorcycle you’ve probably been there – you go to bleed your brakes and find instead you break your bleed nipple. Now you’re stuck with the head in your hand and the thread in the caliper.

Bleed nipples, even stainless steel ones, are prone to corrosion. Even if you keep the bleed nipple cover on to keep the wet out, every time you bleed the brakes you’ll be inflicting wear on the head of the bleed nipple when you unscrew it. If your bleed nipple breaks or is resolutely stuck in the caliper, usually you have two choices – attempt to remove it, and risk damaging the caliper, or drill the remaining fragments out, retap the thread and use a bleed nipple one size larger, if you can find one. Either way can become very expensive.

Fortunately, there is a far easier alternative that few people know about.

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