Motorcycle Cable Upgrade from Slinky Glide

Slinky Glide - The free running cableReplacing  cables with original equipment cables can be painfully expensive, but since their launch at Wemoto, Slinky Glide have fast become the leading brand of replacement cables, known for their superb quality teamed with a much more realistic price tag. The rapidly expanding Slinky Glide range is now available with a stainless steel inner cable for a growing number of fitments, making them even more reliable and long lasting.

 Stainless Steel Upgrade

Slinky Glide Stainless Steel CablesSlinky Glide cables are constructed to extremely high standards – coated with a rust and freeze resistant compound; they are made to last. A polyamide lining is used inside the outer cable to further reduce friction and wear as well as providing a smooth operation.

The new, upgraded, stainless steel inner cable helps to reduce the stretching of the cable and increase its resistance to the elements. Rusting is even further prevented and the durability of the cable increased.

What’s more is that the stainless steel upgraded cables are available at no extra cost to the standard Slinky Glide cables! Already a huge saving on original equipment cables, Slinky Glide now have more to offer with a even longer lasting product for an ever-expanding number of fitments.

Available now at Wemoto with huge stock quantities held in house, and a next day delivery service available within the UK.

Information correct at the time of publishing

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