Winter Warmers at Wemoto

Winter hand warmers at Wemoto

Winter is fast approaching, and with it you can expect cold, wet, and quite frankly awful weather that can make motorcycling a challenge. Many will now be thinking about putting their beloved bikes away through the festive season, safe and sound in the garage to sleep until Spring. For those who choose to ride throughout the season, preparations may need to be made that make your experience more pleasant. Luckily, there are many ways you can do this. Wemoto stock a wide range of products that are designed with winter riding in mind, so that you can make your journeys safer and more comfortable.

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Repairing your motorcycle fuel pump

Fuel Points SwitchReplacing your fuel pump can be expensive – but usually the point of failure is the points. If you’re willing to do a bit of DIY (or, if you know someone that can do it for you! ) you can replace the points and have a fully functioning fuel pump, for only £22.38. (Price includes VAT and is correct at time of writing, October 2013.)

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Motorcycle Winter Protection Products

Motorcycles – Rest in Winter Storage, or Withstand the Winter Weather?

Of course, the grit and wet conditions of the road are harmful to any bike being ridden during the winter seasons, but if you were thinking that when the weather turns bad, you can just leave the bike to hibernate in the garage and bring it out next spring in the same condition, you might be in for a shock. When spring rolls around if you haven’t made the proper storage preparations you’ll find there’s a lot of work to be done before you’ll be running smoothly again. But a bit of work before the bike goes into hibernation can ensure that you have the minimum of fuss when you bring it back out again.

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