Winter Warmers at Wemoto

Winter hand warmers at Wemoto

Winter is fast approaching, and with it you can expect cold, wet, and quite frankly awful weather that can make motorcycling a challenge. Many will now be thinking about putting their beloved bikes away through the festive season, safe and sound in the garage to sleep until Spring. For those who choose to ride throughout the season, preparations may need to be made that make your experience more pleasant. Luckily, there are many ways you can do this. Wemoto stock a wide range of products that are designed with winter riding in mind, so that you can make your journeys safer and more comfortable.

A helping hand

Keeping hands warm and dry through the winter months is essential when on a motorcycle, as cold weather can often lead to a loss of feeling and dexterity, which can be very dangerous. There are a number of products that can be used to help combat this:

Foam lever sleeves at Wemoto

Foam lever sleeves at Wemoto

Foam Lever Sleeves

At just £1.99 a pair, foam lever sleeves are a must for any winter rider. Simply slip them onto the levers, and away you go. Unlike when using tape, the foam levers leave no sticky residue, and can just as easily be removed. Not only are they soft – adding comfort to your ride – but the foam material helps to add grip, which can be very handy in wet conditions where slippery levers can be a problem. They also help to reduce vibration, keeping ‘white finger’ at bay. Small, simple, and perfectly effective, they make perfect stocking fillers for all your motorcycling friends.


Vicma heated handlebar grips at Wemoto

Vicma Heated Handlebar Grips at Wemoto

Heated Handlebar Grips

Can’t stop complaining about the cold? Get a grip! Or rather, a heated grip. Heated handlebar grips from Vicma work by steadily heating up while the engine is running, reaching, and then maintaining temperatures of up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Fully adjustable, it can be set to the preferred temperature for each rider. A great way to heat the hands, by literally using heat! What’s more is that the high-quality, specialist materials that are used to make the rubber grips also help to combat cracking and deformation that can be caused over time, making them extremely long-lasting. They are easy to install, with absolutely no glue required. The electrical switch is protected by a relay so that it is safe to use in wet conditions, and it has a life expectancy of contact switch up to 100,000 cycles!


Universal handlebar cover muffs at Wemoto

Universal Handlebar Muffs at Wemoto

Universal Handlebar Muffs

For those who want a bit more coverage, handlebar muffs may be just the thing. They fit onto most machines – another idea for a festive gift perhaps – by simply slipping onto and over the handlebars, covering the entirety of both hands. Fleeced lined on the inside, they help to keep your hands warm, while a water-resistant outer fabric protects you hands and gloves from wind and rain. They can also be adjusted for individual fit and comfort. Wondering whether to get the grips or the muffs? It depends on your own personal taste, but together they provide a perfect solution to cold hands, completely insulating the outside of the hands while heat is being radiated from beneath.

So, if you need to – or perhaps you just love to – ride your motorcycle all year round, it has never been easier. Fitted with lever sleeves, heated handlebar grips, and handlebar muffs, your hands are guaranteed to stay toasty and dry this winter. We’ll toast to that!

pack of four neck tubes at Wemoto

Wemoto Neck Tubes

 And last but not least…

They may not be for the hands, but they still come in handy! Wemoto is now stocking its famous neck tube in four fabulous colours – red, blue, green and black. Simply put on and pull up to cover the cold parts of your face and the warming fabric will help keep the drafts at bay while you look stylish and cool. They can be bought individually, or as a complete set, so that you can match your neck tube to your daily attire. Hmm, what colour should you wear today? It’ll keep everyone guessing!

Winter hand warmers (and handy winter warmers) are available now at Wemoto. Happy winter riding everyone!

Information correct at the time of publishing

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