Cool Bars in Hot Colours – WRP Motorcycle Handlebars for Street bikes

WRP Racing Street Handlebars

An easy addition to customise your motorcycle

A set of coloured handlebars is one of the simplest ways to add some ‘zing’ to your motorbike. These lightweight, anodised handlebars from WRP are just the ticket, and are now stocked at  

Custom Motorbike Handlebars

WRP’s road handlebar range is designed to replace standard 22mm (7/8ths) motorcycle handlebars with a choice of stylish anodised colours:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Black

WRP road handlebars are made from premium lightweight grade 6082-T6 aluminium so they won’t weigh you down.

WRP Handlebars

The textured finish on WRP’s handlebars is evidence of the shot-peening process which strengthens the surface layer of the metal.

What makes quality road bars?

6082-T6 aluminium isn’t just chosen for its light weight – it also has extreme resistance to corrosion. WRP’s road handlebars are made to last and they’re shot-peened* to offer further protection against corrosion and maximise resistance to fatigue failure.

WRP bars do not use knurling at the clamp area – this might seem unusual, but with modern materials and correct tightening, knurling is unnecessary. By not using knurling in the clamp area, WRP maintains maximum strength in the area of maximum stress, reducing the risk of fatigue failure and extending the life of the bars.

WRP Road Handlebar in Blue

Laser etched positioning grid aids in fitting the handlebars correctly.

Easy Install

All WRP road bars feature a laser-etched positioning grid in the clamp area, to aid easy set-up, positioning and aligning of the handlebars.

Wemoto currently stocks a choice of medium and low rise 22mm (7/8ths) bars at £31.99 including VAT. (Price correct at time of publishing, December 2012)

WRP Motorcycle Handlebars in Silver

Available as medium or low rise bars

*What is shot-peening and how does it strengthen WRP’s handlebars?

Shot-peening is not the same as sandblasting, which simply prepares a part for coating. Shot-peening strengthens the surface of the metal. Most manufacturing processes used throughout the industry leave residual stresses in the metal – in particular, tensile stresses, which pull apart and leave the metal susceptible to surface cracks and corrosion . Shot-peening is the process of firing shot (pellets of metal or ceramic) at the metal to create a dimpled surface, relieving the original uneven surface tensile stress and replacing it with a uniform layer of compressive stress. This layer is beneficial in protecting against surface cracks and corrosion. )

Information correct at the time of publishing

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