Isle of Man Tank Pads

Motografix Isle of Man Tank Pads - All ColoursWemoto and Motografix have teamed up to release a new design of tank pad celebrating the Isle of Man races.

A tribute to the IOMTT and Manx Grand Prix the new design, thoughtfully created by a member of the Wemoto team, is available in redblack and blue at the retail price of £19.99.

Why Motografix?

Motografix tank pads are made in the UK and have been exceedingly popular since Wemoto began stocking them in 2011, due to their superb quality compared to other tank protectors.

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Motografix range expands

Motografix Tank PadThe Motografix range – which has been exceedingly popular since Wemoto began stocking them – has just expanded to include even more mind blowing designs.

Motografix tank pads feature the sharpest and most vibrant colours of any tank pad, and with their protective 3D gel coating and fade-resistant paint are capable of outlasting many of the cheaper pads on the market. It is a simple statement of their confidence in quality that Motografix offer a lifetime warranty with any of their pads.

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Motografix Tank Pads

Motografix tank pads are now availaMotografix Tank Padbe from internet parts specialist Wemoto.

These new tank pads by Motografix are the sharpest, most vibrant tank pads available, with some of the most inspired and varied designs to suit a wide range or machines and riders.

These high-quality tank pads provide the dual purpose of protecting the tank from scratches and scuffs commonly caused by zips and studs, while also allowing the rider to stamp their own character on the bike from a huge choice of designs. In a market full of cheap, fuzzy, poorly manufactured and quickly fading tank pads, Motografix stand out with their high quality, crisp designs, smooth finish and long lasting pigments.

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Leather Tool Rolls

Black Leather Tool Roll A tool roll is an excellent storage solution for these tools which may be needed away from the workshop. Both stylish and convenient, these tool rolls are manufactured in Europe of thick, high quality cowhide, they are ideal for keeping your most needed tools safe and dry in all weather conditions.

A separate strap is supplied for mounting the tool roll to the bike, and a variety of sizes and styles are available.

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