Motografix range expands

Motografix Tank PadThe Motografix range – which has been exceedingly popular since Wemoto began stocking them – has just expanded to include even more mind blowing designs.

Motografix tank pads feature the sharpest and most vibrant colours of any tank pad, and with their protective 3D gel coating and fade-resistant paint are capable of outlasting many of the cheaper pads on the market. It is a simple statement of their confidence in quality that Motografix offer a lifetime warranty with any of their pads.

Motografix Tank Pad - Busa

Motografix dont just make generic designs – they also make specific designs for models, such as this pad for the Hayabusa available in a multitude of colours.

The sheer number of styles available (over 500 so far) allows any rider to protect their tank while also stamping a unique style to the bike. All Motografix tank pads are designed and made in the UK, so naturally are made with all forms of weather in mind – the 3D gel layer protects the design from rain and rounds the edges to prevent any lifting or catching of the pad, while the rich pigments are UV resistant – they won’t fade, even in direct sunlight.

Motografix Tank Pad

The sharpness of the print beats any other pad on the market, and really shines on any of Motografix’ geometric designs.

Motografix tank pads may be fitted to any tank, and for some models special designs are available with the contours of the tank in mind.

Available now at

Motografix Tank Pad - Mr D Meaner

A range of streetfighter and hotrod designs are new at Wemoto.

Motografix Tank Pad - Skull and Crossbones

Ever had trouble putting into words just how mean your machine is? …There’s a pad for that.

Have a Motografix tank pad from Wemoto already? We’d love to see any photos of these in action!

Information correct at the time of publishing

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