Motografix Tank Pads

Motografix tank pads are now availaMotografix Tank Padbe from internet parts specialist Wemoto.

These new tank pads by Motografix are the sharpest, most vibrant tank pads available, with some of the most inspired and varied designs to suit a wide range or machines and riders.

These high-quality tank pads provide the dual purpose of protecting the tank from scratches and scuffs commonly caused by zips and studs, while also allowing the rider to stamp their own character on the bike from a huge choice of designs. In a market full of cheap, fuzzy, poorly manufactured and quickly fading tank pads, Motografix stand out with their high quality, crisp designs, smooth finish and long lasting pigments.

Motografix Union Jack Tank Pad

Motografix Tank Pad Wales

The sharpness and high quality of Motografix tank pads surpasses that of cheaper brands

Motografix Tank Pad Scotland

Motografix pigments are UV-stable, remaining bright and vibrant even after repeated exposure to sunlight.

Vibrant, fade-resistant

Made in the UK from the highest quality vinyl, the thermally printed graphics are bright, sharp and crisp. The smooth 3D gel coating is completely transparent, allowing the true vibrancy of the graphics to shine through. The pigments are UV stable so the print will not fade, even after repeated exposure to sunlight, outlasting many cheaper brands.

High quality finish and adhesion

The 3D coating tapers towards the edges of the pad, adding to the streamlined design and preventing any lifting or catching of the pad, which might otherwise detach it from the tank surface during cleaning.

Wide variety of designs

Motographix tank pads are available in a huge range of shapes and innovative designs, either for universal use, or for specific models to fit the contours of the tank.

So confident are Motografix of their quality that all tank pads can be registered for a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Now stocked in universal fitment, or in designs styled for the contours of specifc tanks, at Retail prices from £19.96.

Motografix Tank Pad

Information correct at the time of publishing

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