Fork rebuilds made easy

All the components needed for a fork rebuild can be found at WMDFork components often need changing together, but sourcing each part can take up valuable time. Wemoto provides a one-stop-shop solution to this, stocking everything needed for fork maintenance, repair or replacement for many modern and modern classic motorcycles.

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Fork Bushes

Fork Bush Outer PairAdditions have been made Wemoto’s large range of precision, high quality fork bushes, now including fitments for a range of both on and off-road models.


Fork bushes take a hammering on all machines, but many parts suppliers often overlook them, stocking only the more commonly replaced fork oil seals. But worn fork bushings can cause excessive play between the fork tube and the slider, resulting in sloppy, unpredictable and even dangerous handling, as well as causing damage to the other fork components.

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