Fork rebuilds made easy

All the components needed for a fork rebuild can be found at WMDFork components often need changing together, but sourcing each part can take up valuable time. Wemoto provides a one-stop-shop solution to this, stocking everything needed for fork maintenance, repair or replacement for many modern and modern classic motorcycles.

Fork tubes (stanchions)

Fork LegsWemoto stocks over 1000 different fork tubes by Paolo and Franco Tarozzi. Now the largest manufacturer of replacement fork stanchions in the world, Tarozzi has a reputation for producing extra-shiny, ultra-reliable fork tubes. A manufacturing process of electroplating, polishing and buffering gives the stanchions a hard chrome finish, which increases their corrosion resistance.

Both standard and USD pattern stanchions are available at Wemoto, finished in a Chrome or Titanium Nitride coating in gold, copper or black to suit original application.

Fork springs

Progressive fork springs are stocked at WMD

Progress fork springs provide better suspension and handling


Wemoto list Hagon (made in UK) and Wirth (made in Germany) progressive fork springs, which are an upgrade of conventional springs. Wound tighter at one end, progressive springs become stronger when compressed, improving handling when the going gets rough without disturbing it in normal conditions.

Dust and oil seals

WMD stock a range of fork dust and oil seals

Unlike many suppliers, who stock only the commonly replaced fork seals, Wemoto stock both dust and oil seals, so you don’t have to shop elsewhere.

Fork valves

Wemoto stock YSS PD fork valves, which give that progressive and controlled feeling of a cartridge fork. Made using high quality aluminium, and 65 Rockwell hardened, the valves benefit from being light-weight, yet long-lasting. They are easy to install, and are damping adjustable and tunable to any application.

Fork bushings

WMD stock fork bushings Worn fork bushings can cause excessive play between the fork tube and the slider, resulting in sloppy, unpredictable and even dangerous handling, as well as causing damage to the other fork components. Wemoto stock a large range of precision, high quality inner and outer fork bushes, with fitments for a both on-road and off-road machines.

Fork protectors and fork seal retaining clips (circlips) can also be found at Wemoto.

Fork gaiters

Gaiters are also stocked at WMD for the off-road enthusiastFork gaiters are available in many colours and sizes, and can be simply fitted with cable ties.


Fork tools and oils

WMD stock both Vision and Rock Oil lubricants

Wemoto hold a range of tools and cleaning materials to help fit and maintain forks. A choice of Rock Oil or Vision lubricants is available as well as fork seal drivers, which are adjustable for fork sizes 26-45mm, and other tools.

To find parts for a certain bike, or to browse our fork components, simply visit wemoto.

Information correct at time of publishing

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