BC Easy 6 – the 12V charger for those that don’t “do” instructions

BC 'Easy 6' 6-stage 12-volt motorcycle battery chargerThe new, no fuss 12V fully automatic motorcycle battery charger from Italian manufacturer BC has no buttons, dials or other fiddly bits to reckon with – in fact, it has no buttons whatsoever.

Literally a ‘connect and forget’ charger, just connect the charger to the mains and to the battery, and it does everything else for you. It even comes with a permanent eyelet cable in the box which, once connected the first time, can be left on the bike through all varieties of weather for an easy charging point instead of fighting to access the terminals each time.

Beneath all the simplicity of the ‘Easy 6’, a complex microprocessor ticks away as soon as it’s connected to the battery, automatically running through the 6 charging cycles the charger is named for as needed for any type of 12V lead acid battery.

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BC set to charge UK

BC K900 PackagingWemoto are now selling Italian made BC battery chargers.

Proof that optimum performance and design doesn’t need a premium price tag, the featured ‘K900‘ charger is not only 6V and 12V compatible – it also comes with a 12V CAN-BUS adaptor as standard, as well as a waterproof eyelet connector that can be left permanently on the bike for convenient charging. A microprocessor controls the fully automatic charging and maintenance cycles, allowing the user to leave this ‘connect and forget’ charger attached to the battery for months on end without risk to the battery. The BC K900 can even recover discharged batteries (from 1.5V), and will keep any battery connected for the long term up in tip-top condition until it is ready to be used.

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Magnetic Parts Trays

Magnetic Parts TraySick of kicking your nuts across the floor?

One of the most simple, but brilliant, new additions to Wemoto’s extensive list of parts and tools is the magnetic parts tray.

Many a DIY (or indeed, professional) mechanic may recall knocking over their parts tray (be it an actual parts tray, or makeshift cereal box), sending all the nuts, bolts and fittings from the bike they’re currently working on to all four corners of the garage.

The magnetic parts tray features two powerful magnets which secure all the nuts, bolts and other ferrous parts to the tray, but more importantly, secures the tray to any metal surface, making it far more difficult to accidentally nudge off the shelf.

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Leather Tool Rolls

Black Leather Tool Roll A tool roll is an excellent storage solution for these tools which may be needed away from the workshop. Both stylish and convenient, these tool rolls are manufactured in Europe of thick, high quality cowhide, they are ideal for keeping your most needed tools safe and dry in all weather conditions.

A separate strap is supplied for mounting the tool roll to the bike, and a variety of sizes and styles are available.

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Adjustable Fork Seal Drivers

Fork Driver SetReplacing fork seals if often one of the first things a rider starts doing at home, and fitting everything back together (often “in the reverse order to which it was disassembled” to quote some manuals) can be rather tricky.

Fork seal drivers won’t help with bushings, springs and other fiddly bits. But they do make getting those oil seals in good and proper a great deal easier.

More importantly, by applying equal pressure across the seal surface there is much lower risk of damage to the seals (which of course, means taking everything apart all over again) than with other methods.

As these drivers are adjustable for fork sizes 26-45mm, when it’s time for the old bike to switch hands there’s no need to splash out on new tools.

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