Magnetic Parts Trays

Magnetic Parts TraySick of kicking your nuts across the floor?

One of the most simple, but brilliant, new additions to Wemoto’s extensive list of parts and tools is the magnetic parts tray.

Many a DIY (or indeed, professional) mechanic may recall knocking over their parts tray (be it an actual parts tray, or makeshift cereal box), sending all the nuts, bolts and fittings from the bike they’re currently working on to all four corners of the garage.

The magnetic parts tray features two powerful magnets which secure all the nuts, bolts and other ferrous parts to the tray, but more importantly, secures the tray to any metal surface, making it far more difficult to accidentally nudge off the shelf.

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Tubeless Tyre Emergency Puncture Repair Kit

Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair KitA puncture when out on the road can really ruin your day – particularly if it’s in the middle of nowhere.

So it’s very handy to carry around an emergency repair kit – Wemoto’s compact yet comprehensive tubeless tyre puncture repair kit contains everything needed to repair a punctured tyre and get you home, or at least back to a shop or garage where a permanent repair or replacement tyre can be fitted. Unlike an aerosol spray, no residue is left on the inside of the tyre to cause problems when the tyre is removed and replaced.

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Fuel Points Repair Switch

Fuel Points SwitchThe cost of a fuel pump failure can be high, with even aftermarket pumps (if you can find one) costing well in excess of £100. And yet what many people don’t know is that on many Japanese models the point of failure is the points which, if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, can be replaced at only £22.34 (inc VAT)

One of our tech guys has made this helpful video for locating and replacing the fuel pump points switch below:

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Banjo Bolt with Bleed Nipple

Banjo Bolt with Bleed Nipple

By making a banjo bolt that you can put the bleed nipple in, you can bypass trying to remove a stuck bleed nipple in your caliper

If you’ve got an older motorcycle you’ve probably been there – you go to bleed your brakes and find instead you break your bleed nipple. Now you’re stuck with the head in your hand and the thread in the caliper.

Bleed nipples, even stainless steel ones, are prone to corrosion. Even if you keep the bleed nipple cover on to keep the wet out, every time you bleed the brakes you’ll be inflicting wear on the head of the bleed nipple when you unscrew it. If your bleed nipple breaks or is resolutely stuck in the caliper, usually you have two choices – attempt to remove it, and risk damaging the caliper, or drill the remaining fragments out, retap the thread and use a bleed nipple one size larger, if you can find one. Either way can become very expensive.

Fortunately, there is a far easier alternative that few people know about.

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