Slinky Glide Fork Kits

Slinky Glide Fork Kit range

New from Slinky Glide, these fork kits provide you with all the bits you need for your model, depending on the work you want to carry out.

Fork Seal Kit

Containing two dust seals and two oil seals

Fork Bush Kit

Containing two fork slides and two fork guides (inner and outer bushes)

Fork Repair Kit

Containing two dust seals, two oil seals, two fork slides, two fork guides, and two retaining clips.

All parts are made to original equipment specifications, and the bushes are coated with the correct amount of thickness of teflon for a straightforward fit.

You’ll find these kits listed to each bike at

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PD Fork Valves

PD fork valves from Wemoto



A common problem for bikes that have damping rod forks is that they are often very easy to bottom out and sometimes their damping can be a bit harsh. If this sounds like you, then read on, because we’ve got the perfect solution to this at Wemoto: PD Fork Valves.

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Fork rebuilds made easy

All the components needed for a fork rebuild can be found at WMDFork components often need changing together, but sourcing each part can take up valuable time. Wemoto provides a one-stop-shop solution to this, stocking everything needed for fork maintenance, repair or replacement for many modern and modern classic motorcycles.

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Tarozzi forks for Harley Models

Tarozzi stanchions for Harley-Davidson modelsWemoto – the UK’s largest distributor of Tarozzi fork tubes – has just expanded its line to fit an even wider range of classic and modern motorcycles, including new fitments for a range of Harley Davidson models.

Paolo and Franco Tarozzi is the largest manufacturer of replacement fork tubes in the world, offering original equipment specification stanchions at a fraction of the OE price.

What makes Tarozzi fork tubes so popular is the unique and hi-tech processes carried out during the manufacturing of the tubes. Through a series of hard electroplating, polishing and buffing, the tubes are given an ultra shiny, robust, hard chrome finish that offers long lasting resistance to corrosion.

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Fork out less with Tarozzi Fork Stanchions

Tarozzi Fork Tube

Wemoto continues to be the biggest UK distributor of Tarozzi fork tubes, now listing over 800 different tubes in its constantly expanding range.

Replacing fork tubes when they have become rusty, chipped or bent can be very expensive. Tarozzi fork tubes are manufactured in Italy to original equipment specifications, but without the hefty OE price tag.

Tarozzi Fork Stanchions Range

Available in a Chrome or Titanium Nitride finish in red, black or gold.

Paolo and Franco Tarozzi

Tarozzi is now the largest manufacturer of replacement fork stanchions in the world, and it’s not surprising. Their fork tubes are produced using a high-tech process of electroplating, polishing and buffering, giving them an extra shiny hard chrome finish, as opposed to the soft “show chrome” used on some motorcycle models. This increases their corrosion resistance making them just as reliable as the original equipment.

Tarozzi fork stanchions are available in a Chrome or Titanium Nitride finish in red, black or gold to suit original application. They can be made to order at an agreed price for those looking to change the colour of their fork tubes and personalise their machine.

Both standard and USD pattern stanchions are available at Wemoto, with shuttle valves included when required by the manufacturer.

Everything you need for a motorcycle fork rebuild

Wemoto also list to each model the other components commonly required for fork rebuilds so that additional work can be carried out without having to shop elsewhere.

Over 1000 Tarozzi fork tubes are held in stock at Wemoto to ensure a swift delivery. For rarer models or made to order fork tubes, a short waiting time of a few weeks is to be expected.

Tarozzi fork stanchions can be purchased though our website. To receive a quote for made to order fork tubes drop us a line on (UK) 01273 597072 (overseas: +441273597072), or email to

Information correct at the time of publishing

Tarozzi Range Expands

Replacement motorcycle fork stanchions

Pair of Tarozzi Fork Tubes for Suzuki SV 650Wemoto’s range of high quality Italian-made Tarozzi fork tubes has just expanded to cover even more popular Japanese and European models.

The range of high quality, fork tubes are made to the same specification as the original equipment, but with an upgraded hard chrome finish which is more robust and corrosion resistant than the ‘show chrome’ used by many original equipment manufacturers. And yet, a set of Tarozzi forks often retails at a far more reasonable price than the originals from £99.58 per fork.

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Fork Bushes

Fork Bush Outer PairAdditions have been made Wemoto’s large range of precision, high quality fork bushes, now including fitments for a range of both on and off-road models.


Fork bushes take a hammering on all machines, but many parts suppliers often overlook them, stocking only the more commonly replaced fork oil seals. But worn fork bushings can cause excessive play between the fork tube and the slider, resulting in sloppy, unpredictable and even dangerous handling, as well as causing damage to the other fork components.

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Adjustable Fork Seal Drivers

Fork Driver SetReplacing fork seals if often one of the first things a rider starts doing at home, and fitting everything back together (often “in the reverse order to which it was disassembled” to quote some manuals) can be rather tricky.

Fork seal drivers won’t help with bushings, springs and other fiddly bits. But they do make getting those oil seals in good and proper a great deal easier.

More importantly, by applying equal pressure across the seal surface there is much lower risk of damage to the seals (which of course, means taking everything apart all over again) than with other methods.

As these drivers are adjustable for fork sizes 26-45mm, when it’s time for the old bike to switch hands there’s no need to splash out on new tools.

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Paolo Tarozzi Fork Stanchions

Tarozzi Italian-quality chrome fork stanchions available from Wemoto at a far lower price than the OEM

Chrome Fork Stanchions

Wemoto highly recommends having a look at the Paolo Tarozzi aftermarket fork stanchions. These retail from £99.58 (each fork, including VAT) which is only marginally more expensive than a re-chroming your old, worn forks and far, far cheaper than some OEM fork tubes, which can be several hundred pounds each.

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