BC K612 Battery Charger & Maintainer

BC K612

When it comes to charging and maintaining motorcycle batteries we want a device that can do it all for us, and as easily and safely as possible, so that we can focus our attention on other tasks. The new BC K612 does exactly that, with a fully automatic eight-cycle programme which controls battery analysis, recovery and reconditioning, recharging, desulfation, and long-term maintenance.

This new 6/12V lead-acid battery charger is the latest in the BC range and exclusive to Wemoto with a retail price of £28.99.

It’s suitable for Acid, MF, Gel AGM, and VRLA type 6 and 12-volt batteries and is both safe and easy to use. You simply set to the correct voltage, connect and forget – it can be left for indefinite periods of time without producing sparks, overheating or overcharging, and it’s also protected against short circuit and reverse polarity.

Each charger comes with full instructions, a UK plug, crocodile clips, and a three-year warranty.

Available now at www.wemoto.com.

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 Information correct at the time of publishing


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