PD Fork Valves

PD fork valves from Wemoto



A common problem for bikes that have damping rod forks is that they are often very easy to bottom out and sometimes their damping can be a bit harsh. If this sounds like you, then read on, because we’ve got the perfect solution to this at Wemoto: PD Fork Valves.

Fitted with PD fork valves, damping rod forks will perform in a similar way to cartridge forks: with better control and steering response, allowing for a more comfortable ride. Compression damping, which would’ve previously been controlled by the damping rod would then be controlled by the spring preload you set on the valve.

YSS PD Fork Valves

Wemoto stocks YSS PD fork valves, which come in 6 difference sizes to suit a range of applications, and are easy to fit, with full instructions provided.

They retail at £80.00 and come with a full two-year warranty.

Prices correct at time of publishing.

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Information correct at the time of publishing


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