Motorcycle brake parts guide

Brake parts at Wemoto

One of the problems when purchasing motorcycle brake components is that the choice can be quite daunting. You’ll not only have to choose between a range of brands but between designs, depending on the look and performance you’re after.

You want to make the right selections – and for the right price. Luckily, Wemoto’s ‘Motorcycle brake parts guide‘ is here to help with a ‘brakedown’ or what’s about.

Motorcycle brake pads

Brenta brake pads at Wemoto

Organic brake pads

Made using fibres and organic materials, bonded with resin

Suitable for: most road conditions


  • bed in quickly
  • quieter than sintered

Sintered brake pads

Made using a high percentage of metallic compounds, alongside fibres and resins

Suitable for:

  • both wet and dry conditions
  • heavy use and higher temperatures


  • produce little dust
  • performance is less affected by wet conditions than that of organic pads
  • last longer

Sintered off-road brake pads

Made using metallic compounds, fibres and resins

Suitable for: off-road use

Advantages: better braking power and extended life in wet, dry and dirty conditions

At Wemoto, a choice of EBC, or Brenta brake pads is available.

Motorcycle disc brakes (rotors)

example of a solid motorcycle brake disc

Solid disc

example of a floating motorcycle brake disc

Floating disc

example of a solid wavy motorcycle brake disc

Solid wavy disc

example of a floating wavy motorcycle brake disc

Floating wavy disc


Solid and floating disc brakes

Solid (fixed) disc brakes are one-piece constructions. They perform well for many motorcycles and are generally long-lasting, but tend to be inferior to floating discs in extreme heat, as they cannot expand.

Floating disc brakes are two-piece constructions; the centre part being fixed to the wheel while the outside part works with the brake pads. Because they are able to self-centre in the caliper, they can expand and shrink again when needed, preventing them from warping and making them the ideal disc choice for high-performance motorcycles.


Drilled or slotted disc brakes

Made using high carbon stainless steel with holes or slots drilled into them

Best for: high-performance road and off-road bikes


  • less slippery
  • cool quicker to prevent overheating
  • slots aid the removal of dust and oil residue

Wave or contour disc brakes

Made using high carbon stainless steel with holes or slots drilled into them and a wavy outside edge

Best for: off-road use


  • provides a more efficient area of pad contact
  • allows for more heat dissipation
  • resists mud buildup

A choice of EBC or Kyoto brake discs is available at Wemoto.

Motorcycle brake hoses (brake lines)

Because we want to provide the best quality we can, braided steel brake lines are the only type available at Wemoto. They resist distortion under pressure and high temperatures, transferring braking power much more efficiently under all conditions.

Building your own brake line

With Goodridge BuildaLine, you can build your own great performance brake lines which are approved by TUV and come with a lifetime warranty.

HEL Performance


  • provides smoother and stronger braking
  • lifetime warranty
  • TUV tested
  • abrasion and corrosion resistant
  • sharp and responsive braking

We manufacture HEL Performance hoses in-house and can offer a HUGE range of colour and fitting choices.

Available colours (at date of publication: 26/08/15):

  • black
  • carbon fibre finish
  • white
  • clear
  • solid red
  • transparent red
  • pink
  • orange
  • lime green
  • yellow
  • gold
  • silver
  • dark blue
  • transparent blue
  • bright blue
  • transparent purple

A choice of stainless steel fittings is available in:

  • gold
  • blue
  • red
  • silver
  • black

Motorcycle brake master cylinders, pistons and calipers

Complete calipers and caliper repair kits can be found at Wemoto

Complete caliper

When required, complete master cylinders and complete calipers are available on the market. OE-style pistons are also available by size, as well as upgraded, stainless steel pistons which last longer and are more resistant to corrosion. If a complete replacement isn’t necessary, however, rebuild kits are a great money saving idea.

Rebuild kits

Master cylinder repair kit

Master cylinder repair kit

Master cylinder repair kits cover all the usual points of failure, and so, depending on how big the problem, can save you money. The kits include items such as rubber boots, springs, red rubber grease etc.

Piston and seal kits are ideal (and will save you money) if both need replacing.

Caliper repair kits include the rubbers within the brake caliper that need routine replacement, such as the seals, boots and bleed nipple covers, as well as all the seals required to do a full caliper rebuild.

For those who do not require an entire kit, most of these parts are purchasable individually.

For more information on brake parts, or to browse Wemoto’s range of components, visit

 Information correct at the time of publishing

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