Batteries from Wemoto

A range of batteries is available at WemotoWemoto stock a full range of batteries for a huge number of motorcycles, scooters and ATVs.

Be it 6V, 12V, conventional, AGM, maintenance free, lithium or gel batteries; we’ve got it covered. From the leading brands to quality pattern batteries, Wemoto offer a vast choice of technology and price range to satisfy all your battery needs.

Pattern batteries

Standard pattern Kyoto batteries are available at Wemoto for those looking for an economy, yet quality replacement.

A range of Nitro batteries are available at Wemoto

YTX7L-BS Nitro Battery from Wemoto

Nitro batteries

A variety of Nitro batteries is available at Wemoto, which includes the rare HVT (Heavy V-Twin) line that is suitable for Harley-Davidson models.

Great quality, great value – all Nitro batteries are made to JIS (Japanese Standard) and have specially developed lead plates and fibreglass separators. Due to lower electrical resistance, Nitro Maintenance Free batteries offer 30% more starting power than standard batteries.

Yuasa batteries

A range of Yuasa batteries at Wemoto

Wemoto stock a full range of Yuasa motorcycle batteries

The market leader – and the original fitment for most motorcycles – Yuasa’s full range of conventional, maintenance free VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid), and robust YuMicron batteries is stocked at Wemoto.

Premium quality, long-lasting and reliable; nine out of ten motorcycles leave the factory fitted with a Yuasa battery. Yuasa’s aftermarket products, made in Japan, fully match the original batteries for power, performance and reliability.

See here for more information about the various types of Yuasa batteries stocked at Wemoto.

Motobatt and Skyrich batteries

Wemoto stock Motobatt batteries

MBTX20U Motobatt battery from Wemoto

Perfect for those who are looking for an upgrade – Motobatt batteries, which have AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, and light-weight Skyrich Lithium Ion batteries are both stocked at Wemoto and benefit from having a higher torque for improved starting power.

Upgrade your battery with a Lithium Ion battery

Upgrade your motorcycle with a Skyrich Lithium Ion battery, available from Wemoto

Motobatt, a type of Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery, requires no maintenance, and has no harsh acids to deal with. It does not even require charging before being put on a bike.

Skyrich Lithium Ion batteries, a third of the weight of a lead-acid battery, are compact, yet high powered. They are quick to recharge, acid free, and long-lasting, with more than 2,000 cycles under JISD standard.

A range of battery chargers, regulator rectifiers and stators are also available from Wemoto for a convenient – everything you need in one place – solution to testing, maintaining and replacing batteries.

Information correct at the time of publishing

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