Motorcycle fairings

Complete bodywork kit at Wemoto Wemoto now stocks a line of quality painted fairing kits, providing a simple and cost-effective solution to restoring a selection of modern and modern classic models.

A fair price for fairings

Fairings at WemotoReplacing fairing parts with the original equipment can be time consuming work – for the most part, panels will need to be purchased individually – and they’re not cheap either! But for a little more than the price of an individual equipment fairing part, a complete bodywork kit, which includes every panel required for a complete rebuild, can be purchased at Wemoto. Fairing kits Designed as direct replacements to the OE parts, Wemoto fairings have the same mounting holes as the original equipment and can be used with the original grommets and mounting bolts. What’s more is that the kits come pre-painted and lacquered, saving you time, effort and worry. Available in unique colours and patterns, they add individuality to a bike with a touch of custom styling. Wemoto bodywork kits retail at £320.00 including VAT and are available to purchase within the UK with a fast delivery service available. .

Information correct at the time of publishing

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