Motorcycle radiators

Radiators at WemotoStay cool on your machine with Wemoto radiators

Radiators are an important part of a bike’s cooling system but they can easily become damaged. Repeatedly hit by stones, the fins on a radiator will bend, reducing the air flow and preventing the radiator from cooling as it should. The radiator will eventually need to be re-cored or replaced and, faced with the potentially hefty cost of replacing the radiator with the original equipment, it’s likely that re-coring could look like the only option. Luckily, a considerably most cost-effective solution is available at Wemoto.

Wemoto motorcycle radiators

Motorcycle radiators at Wemoto Wemoto radiators offer the same performance, coolant capacity and flow volume as the original fitment – providing a direct replacement to the manufacturer’s original part at a fraction of the cost. Constructed of quality aluminium, the radiators work to absorb and disperse heat quickly. They are easy to fit with built in mounting points to match each model, including those with cooling fan fitments.

These quality aluminium radiators are available now at Wemoto for a range of tourers, cruisers, scooters and sports bikes. To find a radiator for your machine visit

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