Swift SX-Ring Chain

Swift SX-Ring ChainA new addition to the Swift family – Swift SX-Ring chain offers premium quality at outstanding value.


  • Low friction X-Ring
  • Extremely high tensile strength
  • Heat treated and shot-peened
  • Gold or Silver plating
  • Increased lubrication within the links
  • Longer wear life

Read on to find out more about this fabulous chain:

Advantages of the X-Ring chain

Swift’s SX-Ring chain features X shape seals between the inner and outer plates of each chain link.

All sealed (O or X-Ring) chains retain higher levels of lubrication than unsealed chains, but X-Ring chains excel at it.

The advantage of the X-Ring is in its shape. Sitting in between each link, it has four points of contact as opposed to the two that an O-Ring provides. This cutting edge designed enables the X-Ring to twist inside each link rather than squashing like an O-Ring, dramatically decreasing the level of friction and wear.

For those seeking to get better performance and longer life from their chain, Swift’s SX-Ring chain is the way to go…

Hey good lookin’

Swift SX-Ring chains offer great value for money, retailing from just £61.51. But it’s not just the price tag that makes them so attractive – they come in a choice of gold or silver colour inner and outer plating, so they’re guaranteed to look good on any bike.

Swift Chain Heavy Duty X-ring Specification

Chain Pin Length mm Roller Diameter mm Plate Thickness Tensile Strength Weight 100 links
Outer mm Inner mm
520EVX 22.0 10.25 2.4 2.4 44.3 1.94
525EVX 23.6 10.25 2.4 2.4 45.7 1.99
530EVX 25.2 10.25 2.4 2.4 45.7 2.03


Swift SX-Ring chains are available for a wide range of popular Japanese and European models up to 1400cc.

To find your bike visit the Wemoto website and enter the details into the ‘Browse by Make and Model’ menu on the right hand side, or enter your bike details in the search box below it. The chains can also be browsed by pitch and length through the ‘part search’ box.

The Swift Family

Swift chains are made in Taiwan by the same manufacturers that make original equipment chain. The same level of skill and excellence goes into making every Swift chain so that high quality chains are affordable to a wider range of motorcyclists.

The Swift range includes Standard, Heavy-Duty, Heavy Duty O-Ring and now Heavy Duty SX-Ring chains.

The Swift Family

More information about Swift can be found on the Swift Chain website.

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