Motorex Winter Protection at Wemoto

Motorex lubricants at WemotoWinter is officially here, and for many of you, it’ll be time for a spot of general maintenance before storing away your beloved motorcycles, safe and sound to rest until spring. For others, it’ll be time to prepare yourselves and your bikes for the challenges that winter riding can present. The Motorex range of lubricants at Wemoto provides everything a rider needs to make it through the festive months, whether you’ll be braving it on your bike or not – plus a few products that’ll leave you wondering how you ever managed without them.

About Motorex Lubricants

Motorex is Switzerland’s largest manufacturer of lubricants, exporting to some 60 countries all over the world. Renowned for producing consistently high quality products at fair prices, the Motorex range covers everything from motor oil, cleaning and maintenance products, to protection sprays.

Motorex Power Clean 500ml

Cleaning a motorcycle in preparation for storage is a wise idea, especially if you’re about to spend the next few months eagerly awaiting the first day of spring – to be greeted with a dirty bike would not make for a happy reveal moment, and will delay your first outing even more. While general cleaning products will help to a certain point, Motorex Power Clean spray is perfect for the dirtier bits – cleaning, degreasing, and removing even the most stubborn dirt. A light citrus scent makes this cleaner pleasant to use, and you can be rest assured it will not harm any rubber, plastic or painted parts.

Motorex Protex Spray at Wemoto Motorex Protex Spray 500ml

Waterproofing Protex is ideal for those wet weather days, for use in a garage to help protect clothing, or for spraying onto leather seats and saddle bags before storing. It can be sprayed onto your entire motorcycling wardrobe, including your shoes, gloves and leathers, providing highly effective and long-lasting protection against moisture and oil, while allowing the fabric to breath naturally.

Motorex Fuel Stabilizer 125ml

A fuel additive is a must for those who will be storing their bikes away this winter. Simply distribute evenly throughout the complete fuel system and the stabilizer will help to delay oxidation and prevent deposits. The system will be protected against and rust and corrosion, ensuring that the engine will start smoothly after a prolonged break.

Motorex Electrical Protect Spray at WemotoMotorex ACCU Electrical Protect Spray 200ml

This maintenance spray provides a long-lasting, wax like protective film to battery terminals, electrical connections and jump leads. Ideal for preparing batteries for winter storage; simply spray a thin coat onto clean terminals and it will help protect them against corrosion and oxidation.

 Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser 500ml

This highly effective chain degreaser has been tested on O-rings, X-rings and Z-rings, and is suitable for all types of motorcycles. Spray onto the chain and sprockets after removing any old grease and leave on for some time, scrubbing it in with a brush if needed. Then wipe of the dissolved grease residue with a cloth and lubricate the chain with chain lube. This product can be used all year round with regular usage considerably extending the working life of a chain and sprocket kit!

Motorex Joker 440 500ml

Lubricating moving parts and hinges is important. A general purpose spray such as Motorex Joker will creep under moisture and displace it, leaving behind a highly effective protective film. It cleans and cares for metals and plastics, stopping squeaking, undermining water, and protecting the parts against corrosion. A long spray nozzle is supplied with the Joker that lets you reach spots that are difficult to access.

Motorex Helmet Care Active Foam at WemotoMotorex Helmet Care 200ml

It’s not just your bike than can benefit from a bit of attention; helmets get dirty too. Motorex helmet cleaning foam is designed to be used on every part of a helmet, from the shell to the padded interior. It effectively deodorizes, cleans and freshens the colours of a helmet, leaving a pleasant, fresh scent. Come spring your bike will be all ready for its first outing, and you will be looking the proud owner, shiny helmet and all!





Information correct at the time of publishing

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