Samco Silicone Radiator Hose Kits


Samco Silicone Radiator Hose Kits and Clamp Kits at Wemoto

Need a new radiator hose for your motorcycle? Then look no further. Samco is the world leader in silicone performance hoses, producing hoses that not only meet standard industry requirements, but often exceed them! They are now available at Wemoto with Samco clip kits for a range of road and off-road models.

Why buy Samco?

Samco hoses are used worldwide by many top Superbike teams due to their unrivalled quality, performance and reliability. So what makes a Samco hose so revered within the performance hose market?

  • All Samco hoses are manufactured by hand in the UK using the finest European silicone designed specifically for automotive use
  • They come in a range of colours, so they not only perform well, but also enhance the appearance of the machine
  • Silicone provides outstanding resistance in the harshest environments, giving the hose a much longer life than standard OEM rubber hoses
  • They are proven to perform in extreme temperatures and high pressures
  • All Samco hoses come with a full lifetime warranty
  • A strict testing procedure is undertaken on all Samco products, covering every aspect of hose performance from endurance testing and burst testing, to cyclic vibration testing. Each hose is 100% visually inspected before leaving the factory.

How do I clean my hose?

Samco recommend that hot soapy water be used to clean its hoses and that the more regularly you do this, the more its natural shine will be promoted. The use of petrol or any other petroleum based cleaning products may give short term shine, but they will discolour your hose over time.

Samco Clip Kits

Hoses can sometimes become damaged when the clips are over-tightened. Samco clip kits are designed to help prevent this, with fully round edges that don’t bite into the hose. Made entirely of 304 stainless steel, they work in the most aggressive and corrosive environments. Each kit is tailored specifically to work with the appropriate Samco hose for your bike and contains all the exact clips to ensure a correct and secure fitment.

Samco silicone radiator hose kits and clip kits are available now at Wemoto as direct replacement aftermarket kits. For race applications using non-standard radiators, or for bespoke parts, a longer waiting time of about four weeks is required.

Information correct at the time of publishing

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