Fork out less with Tarozzi Fork Stanchions

Tarozzi Fork Tube

Wemoto continues to be the biggest UK distributor of Tarozzi fork tubes, now listing over 800 different tubes in its constantly expanding range.

Replacing fork tubes when they have become rusty, chipped or bent can be very expensive. Tarozzi fork tubes are manufactured in Italy to original equipment specifications, but without the hefty OE price tag.

Tarozzi Fork Stanchions Range

Available in a Chrome or Titanium Nitride finish in red, black or gold.

Paolo and Franco Tarozzi

Tarozzi is now the largest manufacturer of replacement fork stanchions in the world, and it’s not surprising. Their fork tubes are produced using a high-tech process of electroplating, polishing and buffering, giving them an extra shiny hard chrome finish, as opposed to the soft “show chrome” used on some motorcycle models. This increases their corrosion resistance making them just as reliable as the original equipment.

Tarozzi fork stanchions are available in a Chrome or Titanium Nitride finish in red, black or gold to suit original application. They can be made to order at an agreed price for those looking to change the colour of their fork tubes and personalise their machine.

Both standard and USD pattern stanchions are available at Wemoto, with shuttle valves included when required by the manufacturer.

Everything you need for a motorcycle fork rebuild

Wemoto also list to each model the other components commonly required for fork rebuilds so that additional work can be carried out without having to shop elsewhere.

Over 1000 Tarozzi fork tubes are held in stock at Wemoto to ensure a swift delivery. For rarer models or made to order fork tubes, a short waiting time of a few weeks is to be expected.

Tarozzi fork stanchions can be purchased though our website. To receive a quote for made to order fork tubes drop us a line on (UK) 01273 597072 (overseas: +441273597072), or email to

Information correct at the time of publishing

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