YSS rear suspension performance upgrade at Wemoto

Upgraded suspension from YSS

New to Wemoto are the YSS gas emulsion rear twin shocks for Honda’s best selling PCX 125 scooter. Available at a great price and made to look and fit just like the originals, the YSS twin shock absorbers offer much more than other replacement parts. Fitted with YSS shocks, Honda’s PCX 125 performs better with greater handling and a firmer, more controlled ride!

Performance Upgrade

As part of the YSS ECO line the PCX 125 rear twin shocks are designed with optimum performance in mind. They come with threaded spring pre-load and use gas emulsion for a quicker reaction with greater predictability. They are designed to carry a load of 90-110 kilos and are noticeably stiffer than the OEM shocks, providing a greater level of feedback to the rider.

Look the part

The shocks not only act the part but fit in perfectly with the original features of the scooter. They have offset lugs and chrome springs. A brushed aluminium finish covers the ends of the PCX 125 shocks so that they appear similar to the OEM ones,  and a shot-peening process accentuates their quality appearance.

YSS ECO line shock absorbers for the PCX 125 are 310mm long between fitting points and have a 30mm piston and a 12mm shaft. They are made to precise specifications for the scooter and fit without the need for any adjustments. Retailing at just £152.74 including VAT, these shocks are a great value yet high performing product. They come with fittings, adjustment tools and instructions.

YSS Products

The YSS man

The YSS man – strong like his shocks!

All YSS shocks are heat treated and welded twice for extra strength.

YSS has been awarded ISO and ABE certification from Germany regulation authority TUV.

A full two-year warranty is complimentary with all YSS products to guarantee customer satisfaction and assurance in its brand.


Information correct at the time of publishing

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