YSS G-Series new to Wemoto

YSS Top Line G-Series twin shock absorbers

YSS Top Line G-Series twin shock absorbers

Wemoto have added the Top Line G-Series of twin shocks to their ever-expanding range of high-quality YSS shock absorbers.

YSS World Class Suspension products have become increasingly popular at Wemoto since their launch last year due to their product reliability and competitive pricing strategy.  YSS work to constantly develop the appearance, quality and technology of their products so that they consistently produce only the latest generation of shock absorbers, and this is evident in the extensive testing regime undertaken by YSS on their shocks, as well as the praise that the shocks have received by German regulation authority TUV – having been awarded with ABE certification. YSS are confident in the quality of their shocks and a full two-year warranty is standard with the purchase of any YSS shock to support that.

Top Shocks

New to Wemoto is the G-Series of rear twin external reservoir piggy bank gas shock absorbers that are part of the YSS Top Line range, developed for optimum performance. Fully adjustable, the G-Series comes with:

  • Threaded pre-load adjustment

  • Rebound adjustment

  • Compression adjustment

  • 36mm sinter piston and a 12mm heat treated chrome low friction shaft

  • Length adjustable for most models

  • Eyelets, fork and spring rates are model specific

Rebound adjustment on YSS shocks

Rebound adjustment on YSS shocks

All YSS springs are heat treated for added strength and flexibility, then shot-peened for a professional finish. Heat treated hard chrome shafts are used on every shock along with calibrated Teflon coated bushed for better precision.

Tailored to your motorcycle

threaded spring pre-load

Threaded spring pre-load

All YSS shock absorbers come pre-set to the ideal specifications for each motorcycle so that they are easy to fit.

G-Series shock absorbers are fully adjustable for those who want to tailor the performance of their shock to their own personal comfort and taste. Adjusting the shocks is a simple process that is done via a click system that also allows for the shock to be reset to its original condition.

The G-Series of rear twin shock absorbers is available from Wemoto at the very competitive price of £545.44. Shocks for the most popular machines are in stock at Wemoto and ready for a swift delivery with less common models available upon request, usually within two weeks of order date.

Available now at Wemoto

Information correct at the time of publishing

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