Motorcycle Adventures on DVD

Austin Vince DVD Collection

The Austin Vince DVD Collection

Christmas is coming, and with great gift ideas is mind Wemoto is now stocking all three of the Austin Vince Motorcycle Adventure series – Mondo Enduro, Terra Circa and the 2013 release Mondo Sahara.

Austin Vince

Since 1995 Austin Vince has been travelling the world by motorcycle, capturing his journeys on camera and turning them into short films to be enjoyed by all. A pioneer of off-road adventure motorcycling; his films follow him and his team as they set out to go boldly where no motorcycle has been before.

Mondo Enduro Austin Vince

Mondo Enduro Austin Vince

Mondo Enduro: 44,000 miles in 440 days

His first film Mondo Enduro captures his round-the-world adventure motorcycle expedition of 1995-1996. Austin’s team set of from London, through Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Siberia; then from Alaska to Chile and finally from Cape Town through Africa and the Middle East back to London. Taking the longest possible route in the shortest possible time; they film their journey using a VX-1 camera sold to Austin by his parents, marking the first time that amateurs were able to record their adventure to a high quality but on a low budget. Riding on DR350s, and with no technology or maps, Mondo Enduro captures the true spirit of adventure motorcycling with minimal glamorization but maximum determination and humour.

Film Terra Circa by Austin Vince

Terra Circa Austin Vince

Terra Circa: Around the world by motorcycle

Filmed in the summer of 2001, Austin’s second expedition sees his team of five go on a 20,000 mile ride from London to New York. From the sunny plains of Northern Italy, the flyblown Steppe of Kazakhstan, to the uncharted mud and swamp of Eastern Siberia, tackling the infamous ‘Zilov Gap’ near the Chinese border; the team cross 392 miles of mud, rivers and swamp that had never been tackled by motorcycle before! Terra Circa is split into 6 chapters, with each one marking a part of the team’s journey. An additional 56 page booklet is included in the DVD with photos and stories that were collected along the way.

Austin Vince film Mondo Sahara

Mondo Sahara Austin Vince

Mondo Sahara: Dream it, Do it

Back by popular demand, Austin and his latest team of seven ride off-road across Spain, Morocco and Western Sahara. With Beast of Burden’s Richard Kemplay burying food, fuel and water across the deserts of Mauritania, and a GPS plot of the supply dumps; the team are supplied for the length of their journey by stopping each night to locate and dig up supplies for the following day. Mondo Sahara is an epic four week journey that takes Austin and his team across 1200 miles of wilderness in an adventure that has never been done before.

Capturing the best bits about adventure motorcycling; it is thrilling and inspiring to watch. Mondo Sahara is intended to show that such journeys can be achieved safely, cheaply and easily, encouraging its viewers to do as instructed: ‘dream it, do it’. The DVD comes with a ‘Mondo Sahara’ badge for the ultimate motorcycle adventure enthusiast, and a 32 page illustrated booklet filled with tales from their journey.

The complete Austin Vince collection is now available to buy at Wemoto.

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