Say YSS to world class suspension

YSS shocksWemoto is now stocking even more models of YSS shock absorbers for an even larger range of motorcycles and scooters.

YSS have become the largest manufacturer of aftermarket shock absorbers due to their reputation for consistently high standards and competitive prices. YSS shock absorbers are made using top quality components and cutting edge technology. They are wound and cut to precise specifications, heat treated for added strength and durability and then shot peened for a professional finish. Engineered to the ideal specification for each bike, YSS shocks come ready to install straight out of the box.

More YSS models

Wemoto stock a range of YSS shock absorbers to suit your motorcycle:

  • YSS hydraulic shocks with pre-load adjustment

  • YSS ECO emulsion gas shocks with pre-load adjustment

  • YSS Top Line Z emulsion gas shocks with adjustable pre-load and rebound

YSS adjustable shocks

This shock comes with rebound adjustment

Adjustable shocks

Many of the YSS shock absorbers come with adjustment options. The shocks can be adjusted by using a simple click system, making the adjustment easier to measure. They have a default setting at the centre which allows for them to be dialled back to their original settings in just a few clicks.

YSS preload adjustment

All the components that make up a YSS shock are made in house.

Tried and tested

Every part that goes into a YSS shock absorber is manufactured under strict quality control within the YSS factory in Thailand. All YSS shocks have ABE certification from German regulation authority TUV and come with a two-year warranty.

YSS is stocked at

Information correct at the time of publishing

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