Lynx Hooks: No more Bungee Backfire!

Lynx Hooks Pair in OrangeLynx Hooks are the new, fully adjustable, versatile and safe luggage securing solution from Wemoto. The unique patented Lynx Hooks interlocking system is stronger, safer and more adaptable than bungee cords, and the adjustable straps mean that one set of Lynx Hooks can replace and entire bucket full of bungee cords.

The versatility of Lynx Hooks makes them suitable for almost any situation.

The versatility of Lynx Hooks makes them suitable for almost any situation.

Lynx Hooks strong ABS, field tested interlocking hooks can be joined together in a pair to make one secure, double length single tie down.

The true versatility of Lynx Hooks can be seen by locking three, four, five or more hooks together to make a custom net or spider with each leg adjusted precisely to fit any load.

lynxlink1 lynxlink2 lynxlink3Once locked together, Lynx Hooks are securely fixed until the user pinches the hook mechanism together to release.

Lynx Hooks can be made to fit any load – each strap is adjustable from 19″ to 45″. So rather than carrying around a bucket full of bungees, you can take one set of Lynx Hooks and you’ll be covered for almost any situation.

What’s more, because they’re adjustable, you can hook the straps to an anchor point and then adjust to the correct tension – far safer than bungee cords that must be stretched-and-hooked, where a lapse in concentration can fling said bungee cord catapulting into the distance, or result in “bungee backfire”.

Lynx Hooks solid rubber straps

Lynx Hooks use ‘ROK’ straps – solid rubber, rather than rubber fibres used in many alternatives.

Lynx Hooks are made with ‘ROK’ solid sport stretch straps – solid rubber (rather than rubber fibres) protected with weather and UV resistant woven polyester. The result is a stronger and longer lasting tie down solution than many alternative tie-down solutions.

Now in stock in a range of lovely colours (ranging from camouflage green to hot pink! ) at

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