BC Easy 6 – the 12V charger for those that don’t “do” instructions

BC 'Easy 6' 6-stage 12-volt motorcycle battery chargerThe new, no fuss 12V fully automatic motorcycle battery charger from Italian manufacturer BC has no buttons, dials or other fiddly bits to reckon with – in fact, it has no buttons whatsoever.

Literally a ‘connect and forget’ charger, just connect the charger to the mains and to the battery, and it does everything else for you. It even comes with a permanent eyelet cable in the box which, once connected the first time, can be left on the bike through all varieties of weather for an easy charging point instead of fighting to access the terminals each time.

Beneath all the simplicity of the ‘Easy 6’, a complex microprocessor ticks away as soon as it’s connected to the battery, automatically running through the 6 charging cycles the charger is named for as needed for any type of 12V lead acid battery.

BC 'Easy 6' 6-stage 12-volt motorcycle battery charger

The ‘Easy 6’ has no buttons to fiddle with, just two LEDs to let you know how it’s running.

A 12 volt battery charger for all types of lead acid motorcycle battery.

As the Easy 6 does all the work the simple and easily visible LEDs on the top of the unit let you know what charging cycle is currently under-way, and if there are any errors.

1 – Initialisation Checks the battery state and if it is ok to be recharged
2 – Soft Charge A light, pulsing current to overcome significant undercharge.
3 – Bulk Charge Provides full current to recover 85-90% of battery capacity.
4 – Desulphation A ‘controlled overcharge’ to recover the remaining 10-15% of charge lost to lead-sulphate crystallisation.
5 – End Cycle Test Checks that the battery can retain charge. (Repeated throughout maintenance)
6 – Maintenance Provides the appropriate charge to keep the battery in the best charge condition for as long as connected – even months.
BC Charger Insulated Clamps

Insulated clamps are, as is standard, included in the box

The BC ‘Easy 6’ 12V charger may not have the bells and whistles of its more feature heavy siblings, but it does have all the essentials and safety features – it’s protected against overcharging, overheating, short circuit and can even detect and protect against reverse polarity.

The simplicity of the Easy 6 makes it ideal for both die-hard, always-on-the-go motorists with no time for complicated gadgetry, and fair-weather riders finding themselves stuck inside during the winter (or wet summer! ) months as the Easy 6 can be left connected for months at a time with no risk to the battery. The battery can also be wall mounted for the more compact workshop or garage.

Retailing at £37.49 (July 2012) the BC Easy 6 package includes:

  • BC ‘Easy 6’ 12V charger with either UK 3-pin or European 2-pin plug
  • Insulated Clamps
  • Waterproof permanent connector
  • A sheet of English literature on safe use and specification of the Easy 6, and details of each charging cycle. (Even those that pride themselves on “not doing instructions”, should always read through before use to ensure they are using the product correctly and safely. We won’t tell anyone.)
BC Permanent Waterproof connector

Connecting with eyelets to the battery terminals, this waterproof connector can be left on the bike whatever the weather for an easy charging access point instead of hunting for terminals with the clamps each time.

Now stocked at Wemoto.com

For a charger that can also charge 6V batteries, and for motorcyclists requiring equalisation or heavy recovery (from as low as 1.5V)  cycles, we’d recommend the big sister of the Easy 6, the K900.

Not sure which charger is best for you? Try our motorcycle battery charger comparison guide.

Information correct at the time of publishing

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