BC set to charge UK

BC K900 PackagingWemoto are now selling Italian made BC battery chargers.

Proof that optimum performance and design doesn’t need a premium price tag, the featured ‘K900‘ charger is not only 6V and 12V compatible – it also comes with a 12V CAN-BUS adaptor as standard, as well as a waterproof eyelet connector that can be left permanently on the bike for convenient charging. A microprocessor controls the fully automatic charging and maintenance cycles, allowing the user to leave this ‘connect and forget’ charger attached to the battery for months on end without risk to the battery. The BC K900 can even recover discharged batteries (from 1.5V), and will keep any battery connected for the long term up in tip-top condition until it is ready to be used.

BC K900 Charger

Connect and forget

CB K900 Insulated ClampsThe BC K900 is fully automatic, ‘connect and forget’ – once the mode is selected, and the charger and battery connected, the fully automatic cycle will begin to recover (if neccessary), charge, and maintain the battery until it is disconnected. The K900 has a 6V and 12V mode, as well as a 12V CAN-BUS mode and adaptor included in the box for the many Ducatis, KTMs, Triumphs and BMWs that can utilise it.

BC K900 Interface

Waterproof battery connector

As with other chargers, insulated clamps are included and used to connect to the battery terminals, but for many models actually getting to the battery can be a chore. Also included in the box is a waterproof lead with eyelet connectors. With the eyelet ends attached to the terminals this creates a permanent, convenient charging point for the bike – simply plug in and charge, rather than taking things apart to reach the battery each time.

CAN-BUS included as standard

BC K900 CAN-BUS adaptor

A CAN-BUS adaptor is included with the K900 (where many manufacturers would charge extra for the privilege). This 12/18mm adaptor fits to the CAN-BUS socket featured on many BMW, Ducati, KTM and Triumph models. The adaptor also serves a dual purpose of allowing you to slow-charge some models of car through the cigarette lighter (only on models where the socket is still active when the ignition is off).

How it works

Fully Automatic 8 Cycles Technology

Initialization Checks if one or more cells are shorted to verify if the battery is in a proper condition to be recharged/recovered.
Recovery If the battery is deep discharged (voltage starting from 1.5V) the device tries to recover it, taking it back to a higher voltage.
Soft Charge Provides a light pulsing current to the battery to overcome significant undercharge.
Bulk Charge Provides full current to the battery, recovring 85-90% of the battery capacity.
Desulfation/Absorbtion Provides a ‘controlled overcharge’ to recover the remaining 10-15% of battery capacity, through the desulfation/recovery of the lead acid cells (for low to medium sulfation).
Battery Analysis – End Cycle Test Stops providing current to the battery for a short time, to verify that the battery is able to retain charge. This is periodically repeated during maintenance.
Maintenance Keeps the battery in the best charge conditions for long periods (even months) while the vehicle is unused, without allowing overcharge, overheat, water or electrolyte.
Equalization Every 30 days during long term maintenance, the device executes an equalization charge in order the balance the battery lead-acid cells, avoiding electrolyte stratification within the cells.


The BC K900 has built in safeguards to protect against battery polarity inversion, overcharging or overheating, short circuits and sparks.

All BC chargers are designed in Italy to conform with all EU regulations on electrical equipment and safety.

K900 Tech Specs

Technical Information

Model K900 6V/12V
Input Voltage 220÷240V AC, 50-60Hz
Charge Voltage 6.9V / 7.2V – nominal 6V
13.8V / 14.4V – nominal 12V
Charge Current 0.9A max
Charging Algorithm Automatic, 8 cycles
Battery Types 6 Volt Lead-Acid
12 Volt Lead-Acid
Conventional, Maintenance free, Gel, AGM, VRLA
Battery Capacity From 1.2Ah to 45Ah (Charge)
Up to 100Ah (Maintenance)
Dimensions (mm) 160x85x60
Operating Temparature from -20 degrees celsius to +50 degrees celsius

The K900 can be supplied with either a 3-pin British standard plug, or 2-pin European standard plug.

With the charger, insulated clamps, waterproof eyelet connectors and CAN-BUS adaptor all in the box, the K900 retails at £53.50 (26th April 2012)

Now Available at Wemoto.

Information correct at the time of publishing

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