Magnetic Parts Trays

Magnetic Parts TraySick of kicking your nuts across the floor?

One of the most simple, but brilliant, new additions to Wemoto’s extensive list of parts and tools is the magnetic parts tray.

Many a DIY (or indeed, professional) mechanic may recall knocking over their parts tray (be it an actual parts tray, or makeshift cereal box), sending all the nuts, bolts and fittings from the bike they’re currently working on to all four corners of the garage.

The magnetic parts tray features two powerful magnets which secure all the nuts, bolts and other ferrous parts to the tray, but more importantly, secures the tray to any metal surface, making it far more difficult to accidentally nudge off the shelf.

Magnetic Parts Tray

Magnetic Parts Tray. Gubbins not included.

The magnets themselves are covered in rubber, which protects the surface they are placed on from any sharp corners, while also providing grip should the tray be placed on a non-ferrous surface (such as the garage floor).

The rectangular magnetics parts tray is sized 225 x150mm, and a smaller magnetic parts dish (with only one magnet) is also available at 150mm round.

Information correct at the time of publishing

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