Metal Mule Luggage systems

Update (25th May 2012): Metal Mule is now discounted across the Wemoto website. Go to, choose your make and model and look under ‘Luggage section’

Wemoto are now stockists of Metal Mule luggage systems.

This premium luggage brand, manufactured in the UK, is considered by many to be the best in the business; the beautifully rugged range of top boxes, panniers and racks make ideal storage whether for busy city commuting or adventure travelling. All hard luggage is made from 2mm thick high quality, lightweight aluminium, sealed to be water and dust proof, while the pannier and rear racks use TIG welded steel for strength and can be fitted to the bike without modification.

Metal Mule Top Boxes and Panniers

Metal Mule Silicon Seal

Metal Mule use a thick silicone seal for water tightness in all weather conditions

Attention to detail is where Metal Mule shines. Top Boxes and Panniers are manufactured using 2mm thick high grade (5251 H22) aluminium and riveted using stainless steel for incredible strength; the Metal Mule will survive many drops where other panniers would crumble. Each seam is sandwiched with waterproof tape and each fitting is sealed with a gasket to ensure no gaps are available for water and rain to break through. In addition, the ‘MAX’ range stocked by Wemoto uses a thick, hi-tech silicon seal cast into the lid for even more protection in all weather conditions.

The lid of the ‘MAX’ topbox and panniers is not prone to flying off or flipping open and is hinged with stainless steel across the entire length for durability. It can be closed and secured without locking for convenience, and locked using the secure cam lock for security when the bike and luggage are unattended.

Mounting the panniers couldn’t be easier – the ‘Q fit’ lever system allows easy, secure fitting and removal in seconds, without fiddling with bolts and other fittings that other luggage systems may come with. The mounting brackets are lined with polyurethane to dampen vibration and the handles are sprung to prevent free movement and rattles.

Various sizes of Top Box and Pannier are available, with narrow panniers to accommodate the needs city commuters, or full size for the adventure traveller and passenger.

Metal Mule Racks

All pannier frames and rear racks are designed for exact fit to each model with width and balance in mind. Where the original equipment exhaust causes the bike to be wider on one side, offset pannier racks are available. These allow a narrow pannier to be placed on the exhaust side to maintain an equal width on both sides when both panniers are fitted.

Made from 18mm diameter steel tubing (with walls 2mm thick) the racks are welded with TIG technology for exceptional strength. Care is taken to ensure that the finish is superb – the racks are shotblasted, etched primed and powder coated in matt black or silver (depending on the model). No modification, drilling or machining is required to fit a Metal Mule rack – they mount onto existing fixing points for the minimum of fuss, and all instructions and fasteners required are provided.

Metal Mule is now stocked at Wemoto

Racks are specific to the bike model and listed under each bike under ‘Luggage Section’

Metal Mule top boxes and panniers may be fitted to any model provided it has a Metal Mule rear rack or pannier rack to fit it to.

Wemoto list Metal Mule racks for the following models (link will take you to the Wemoto main page where you can navigate to your model and year)

Information correct at the time of publishing

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