Impex Carburettor Repair Kits for Classic Japanese bikes

Yamaha RD carb repair kit by Impex

Impex (Japan) have been long-standing suppliers to Japanese original equipment manufacturers and now their range of comprehensive carburettor repair kits is available from Wemoto.

The new additions fit a range of classic Japanese models from mid-60s to mid-90s and are more complete than some other aftermarket repair kits. Made in Japan to the same specification as the original equipment, the aftermarket kits retail at a far lower price than the individual parts from the original manufacturer.

Suzuki GP 125 carburettor repair kit by impex

Replacement Carburettor Parts for Classic Motorcycles

Containing all the regularly serviced components for one carburettor, Impex carburettor repair kits may contain (where applicable to the model) :

  • Main jet, Pilot jet, Idle/Slow jet
  • Needle and needle jet
  • Float needle, seat and washer
  • Float bowl gasket and o-rings
  • Adjusters
  • Springs and circlips

Should non-standard jets be required, various sizes of jet are available from Wemoto to purchase separately.

Fitment list (last updated 1st December 2011) :

Links will take you to the Wemoto main page where you can browse for your specific model and year.

Information correct at the time of publishing

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